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Choosing to take the leap to a location independent lifestyle and job can feel like a daunting task, but it’s a whole lot easier when you surround yourself with a group of rad, like-minded people walking similar paths.  One of the best ways to meet these individuals is to attend one of many digital nomad conferences now hosted around the world.

When you can work online, you’re pretty much free to come and go as you please.  But if you’re not careful, you’ll spend hours buried in your laptop without ever interacting with another human being!  Plus, you can develop poor habits or grow complacent if you stay trapped in your own little bubble.

Luckily, digital nomad conferences fill this gap nicely, providing training and talks to gain insight into the systems and habits that made other digital nomads successful while opening up opportunities to speak face-to-face with others in your field.

This is why, in Location Indie, we have our own digital nomad events for our members.

“I’ve found the most value going to conferences that are connected to communities I am already a part of,” says Location Indie member Keith Hartnett. “This way it is easy to meet people before after and during the conference for a drink, lunch/dinner, etc. Because meeting people is the most important part, you want to be at a conference that is not just content but also has a community. Go to one where you can easily contact other people going and meet them in real life as well as get introduced to other people.”

In 2017 we had our first ever member gathering in Austin, TX:

This year our members will gather in Denver, Colorado!

While these events are for Location Indie members only, there are many other digital nomad conferences around the world that you can sign up for!

And if you’re interested in becoming a Location Indie member, just sign up here and we’ll add you to our weekly newsletter and notify you when we open our doors again:


Three Benefits of Digital Nomad Conferences


At digital nomad conferences, you can:


1. Network and build relationships with other digital nomads

Let’s face it:

Months of emails and the occasional Skype call can’t substitute for in-person interaction, and just because you can do your job without ever leaving your couch doesn’t mean you should.  

Growing and maintaining relationships is just as important when trying to build your online business as it is for regular businesses.  So get out from behind the screen, shake some hands, and meet some people.

“I love conferences,” says digital nomad writer Lily Fouts. “I always end up meeting interesting people, sometimes making important connections, and always learning something new.”

If you’re looking for a similar experience, you’ll want to remember one important thing:

Be ready to listen. You never know what opportunities might arise from your new friendships when you pay genuine attention to others!   


2. Generate ideas and form partnerships

While it’s important not to head into a conference thinking only of what you can gain from your interactions with other digital nomads, the reality is that you’ll be sharing space with some awesome people who are probably working on similar projects.

Naturally, this presents the possibility of forming a partnership over your common interests and online business goals.  

In fact, Location Indie would not exist without the partnership that Jason and Travis formed after meeting at a conference!

Eric Morgan, who works in web development and the tech industry, feels it’s important that a conference focuses on forming these kinds of lasting relationships.

“We put a lot of focus on encouraging people to get to know one another and build connections which last beyond the weekend they are here,” he says. “Hands down the most positive feedback we get from attendees is in regards to that.”

But if things don’t shake out that way, don’t worry!

Just speaking with like-minded folks can help generate ideas for your own business and might have you thinking about your current project in ways you never had before!


3. Get Motivated!

Not to get all woo-woo on you guys, but in a very practical sense, you’ve got to switch things up sometimes and surround yourself with positive people giving off positive and inspirational vibes.  The ideas start flowing, you’re learning new things, and you can’t wait to get back to the grind and implement it!

Plus, seeing others who are further along a similar path experiencing success serves to validate your own process and really gives you a boost of motivation.  

Income expense auditor Andrew Stewart remembers the range of perspectives one memorable conference exposed him to.  

“The main focus was to develop different aspects of a life plan each day while talking with everyone from professors to diplomats.”

This gives you an intimate and invaluable look into their day-to-day routines so you can better understand what works for them, and it motivates you to replicate their results.

When the presenters are talking about kickin’ ass in their businesses, you can’t help thinking “Why can’t I?”

Now that we’ve got you amped and ready to succeed, here’s a comprehensive list we’ve put together of all the best digital nomad conferences and related experiences around the world you can attend to grow professionally and personally this year.


Digital Nomad Conferences


7 in 7


October 16-23, 2018

Medellin, Colombia



7 conferences on 7 continents.  7 in 7 brings together experienced digital nomads in an intimate space capped at 100 participants to engage in community-building and collaboration. From workshops to team challenges, this quintessentially nomadic experience provides a ton of value to digital nomads over the course of 7 days.    


Virtual Working Summit

October 2018




Hear interviews from inspiring virtual leaders over the course of 5 days at a time that suits you and from the comfort of your own home.  You can also meet other virtual workers who participate, develop your skills without needed to travel, and improve your ability to be flexible in an ever-changing online world.



October 8-14, 2018

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Price Varies


Over 200+ digital nomads gather together in beautiful Las Palmas to take in tips and strategies for living a location independent lifestyle. It’s an awesome opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and remote workers, learn how to start your own remote journey, improve your skills, or optimize the skills you already have to live your best life while exploring the island.


Freedom X Fest

August 14-19, 2018

Pyrenees Mountains, Spain

Passes start at EU 117


Attend the first outdoor festival for the Location Independent movement with over 1000 other attendees, 50+ speakers, and 100+ talks and educational workshops to help you live and work the way you want to. Participate in outdoor exercise and personal growth activities high in the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains of Spain.   This conference brings together leaders of the digital nomad movement and those progressive thinkers who long to attain it.


The Yonder Conference

Date TBD


Apply for invitation


Unlike other traditional digital nomad conferences, The Yonder Conference is a small group roundtable discussion for founders, CEOs, and other company leaders to share skills and strategies to move their industries forward in the right direction.     


Digital Marketing Skillshare

October 6-8, 2018

Bali, Indonesia

Cost starts at $297 (early bird rate)


This conference hosts 3-days of 40+ workshops covering all topics related to Digital Marketing. The speakers are some of the smartest leaders in the industry who consistently produce amazing results for their clients and want to show you how to do the same. Learn actionable knowledge about everything from SEO to SEM and from Client Management to Team Management. 


Nomad Summit

January 19-20, 2019

Chiang Mai, Thailand

From $197


Nomad Summit brings together the most successful digital nomads from a variety of business backgrounds and models to teach participants their productivity tricks, travel hacks, and money making techniques in 40-minute talks fashioned after the famous TED talk style.  Chiang Mai has established itself as one of the top digital nomad hubs of the world, and this conference is a great place to start or continue your location independent journey.


Nomad Summit USA

September 1-3, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Price varies


The first Nomad Summit was organized in January 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ever since, it became the central annual event for hundreds of location independent entrepreneurs, online business owners, freelancers, travel bloggers and those who wish to live this life.  This year, for the first time, the experience comes to the United States so that even more people can learn how to break free from the repetitive daily grind and get started with working online while living the location independent life everyone wants to live.


DNX Conferences and Camps

Dates Vary

Locations Vary

Price Varies


DNX conferences and camps provide awesome opportunities to network, attend workshops, and share ideas in masterminds with hundreds of digital nomads just like yourself.  Learn to boost your business with actionable know-how and world class input from incredible keynote speakers to show you how to run a location independent business that suits your lifestyle.   


DNX Camp: Brazil

November 1-10, 2018

Jericoacoara, Brazil

From EU 797


Take part in sports activities, DNX talks, Mastermind discussions, and networking events in a breathtaking remote village in Brazil.  Take advantage of the good food and weather to work on your personal growth and business development alongside other adventurous location independent workers.


Organized Coworking/Coliving Experiences


Terminal 3

Dates Vary

Locations Vary

Price Varies


Terminal 3 organizes all of your operations and logistics related to getting your team working smoothly in location independent fashion.  They help simplify the process so your team stays focused, engaged and productive while enjoying a new location each month. Everything from accommodation to excursions and internet is taken care of.



Dates Vary

Costa Rica



This beautiful coliving/coworking space in Costa Rica is a breeding ground for new ideas and new friendships.  Individuals and teams can come here for a few weeks or months to break away from their routine and work with other digital nomads they might never have met otherwise.


Nomad House

Dates Vary

Locations Vary

Price Varies


Spend 30 days living, working, and collaborating,  as you exchange new ideas with fellow digital nomads to create something amazing from epic locations around the world.  Sign up on the site to learn about upcoming destinations.



Various Dates

Various Locations

Cost Varies


Unsettled is a community for digital nomads to live and work in a multitude of locations around the world.  They believe that “feeling a little bit ‘unsettled’ is a positive impulse for change, innovation, and discovery.”  Upcoming retreat destinations include Bali, Medellin, Tuscany, Buenos Aires, Peru, Marrakech, Nicaragua, Cape Town, Barcelona, the Amazon, and more.


Co-Work Paradise

September 29 – October 7, 2018

Cape Town, South Africa

EU 4295


For 10 leading entrepreneurs earning $500K+ in revenue.  Enjoy the most luxurious villa in Cape Town, within walking distance of the most delicious restaurants in the world. Lounge, relax, and enjoy the community of fellow visionaries. Mastermind with 10 high-level entrepreneurs, enjoy unlimited access to a coworking space (Skype booths, air-conditioned meeting rooms, cafe, lockers etc.), benefit from daily group business coaching, participate in high-level workshops and daily brainstorm sessions to improve your business, and much more.


Nomad Cruise

Dates Vary

Locations Vary

Price Varies


Set sail on a relaxing all-inclusive cruise with a giant group of other digital nomads.  Explore breathtaking destinations while making lifelong friends and sharing skills, ideas, and good times.  Nomad Cruise will exceed your expectations in all areas, from self-development to team building.


Flaks Adventure Workations

Dates Vary

Locations Vary

Price Varies


Discover new places with fellow entrepreneurs. The world is your playfield.  Enjoy a flexible freedom lifestyle for adventurous entrepreneurs who share a similar mindset.



Dates Vary

Locations Vary

Prices Vary


PACK. is a community of digital nomads, freelancers, location-independent professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. Their month-long retreats offer an opportunity to escape the norm, live and work in places you’ve always dreamed of, explore, collaborate with exceptional people, and create something meaningful. Become more deeply connected to yourself and the world, while having all the tools to kick your productivity into high gear. PACK. covers all the details; just bring your sense of adventure.


Remote Year

Dates Vary

Locations Vary

From $11,000


Spend a month in each of 12 different locations over the course of a year as you travel, work remotely, learn and explore with other digital nomads. Progress personally and professionally alongside other like-minded and like-valued people as a break from your typical routine and see the world.



Dates Vary

Barcelona, Spain

Prices Vary


CODINO is a community of digital nomads looking to network, collaborate, and share ideas about the location independent lifestyle.  It’s based in Barcelona but offers excursions to areas surrounding the city, as well as to other parts of Europe. CODINO organizes workshops, hosts speakers, and sponsors coworking days and coworkations as well.


Remote Way

Dates Vary

South America, Europe, Asia, Africa

Price Varies


Remote Way brings 36 digital nomads together to explore the world while continuing their current work position. You’ll spend 1 month in each location so you can experience a variety of cultures and local communities. All travel, living, working space, and activities are taken care of by Remote Way so you can enjoy a seamless experience working remotely and seeing the world.



Dates Vary

San Francisco, London, Bali, Miami, Tokyo

Price Varies


Show up, find your people, and get work done in one of Roam’s many locations around the world. Each Roam location houses a large, diverse community of digital nomads, hosts classes and meetings, and welcomes both members and locals.  Productive working with all the comforts of home.



Dates Vary

Washington DC and NYC

Price Varies


“WeLive is a new way of living built upon community, flexibility, and a fundamental belief that we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. From mailrooms and laundry rooms that double as bars and event spaces to communal kitchens, roof decks, and hot tubs, WeLive challenges traditional apartment living through physical spaces that foster meaningful relationships.”  Welive is your home for as long as you need, whether that’s a few nights or a few months.



Dates Vary

Locations Vary

Price Varies


Join a passionate mix of remote professionals from all corners of the world as you explore a new city each month with WifiTribe.  This digital nomad experience is perfect for adventurous and easy-going people looking to grow with like-minded location independent travelers on a journey of a lifetime. Hop on or off at any point!



Dates Vary

Locations Vary

Price Varies


CoWorker helps digital nomads locate their perfect coworking experience by providing reviews of spaces with desks, offices, and meeting rooms in 7000+ coworking spaces with awesome communities in 125 countries.  


Digital Outposts

Dates Vary

Cambodia, Mexico, Thailand, Bali

From $1,295


Explore amazing destinations while staying productive at one of Digital Outposts’ coworking locations.  You’ll meet other adventurers who share your passion for combining work and travel, all while being helped with planning so you can enjoy your workation.


Hacker Paradise

Dates Vary

Asia, Europe, Latin America

Prices Vary


Considered the world’s first international remote work travel group, Hacker Paradise is a diverse community of people who live or want to live a location independent lifestyle.  They take care of the logistics so you can have a fun and productive trip while attending talks and workshops with industry leaders, exploring secret beaches and networking with people to help you grow professionally and personally.




Kite & Coworking Camp: CoworkInn Dahab

September 3-17, 2018

Dahab, Egypt

Price varies


Come as a friends, leave as part of the CoworkInn Dahab family.  This retreat is for experienced Kiters and adventurous beginners alike-all you need is an adventurous spirit as a digital nomad. Learn to kitesurf and work, grow, and celebrate your success with other location independent professionals.


Nomad Train Trans-Siberian

September 12-26, 2018  

Russia to Mongolia

From EU 1170


Take an epic trip across breathtaking landscapes on the train that connects Europe with Asia.  Share the amazing experience with other digital nomads and link up with other local creative communities at each of the stops as you explore and work in different cities along the way.



Dates vary  

Locations vary and include California, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii

Cost Varies


Teams, companies, and individuals can book retreats in multiple locations around the world and meet entrepreneurs, developers, artists and academics who work hard and play hard.  You can work remotely and start living differently by growing alongside other digital nomads at one of Outsite’s many beautiful locations.


Surf Offices

Dates vary  

Spain and Portugal

Cost Varies


Book team and group retreats to kill your routine, excite your crew, and supercharge your company.  The unique fusion of work and play brings employees closer together towards achieving your goals, all while enjoying an authentic local experience in some of Western Europe’s most beautiful cities.



Dates Vary

Locations Vary

Cost Varies


Choose from the many Coworkation locations. Go solo or take your team on an inspirational working getaway.  Connect with other like-minded location independent workers roaming the globe as they continue to shape a lifestyle full of freedom.

Coworkation: Thailand

November 7-12

Krabi, Koh Lanta and Railay Beach, Thailand




When you can work from anywhere these days, why not open up the laptop at white sand beaches or poolside along Thailand’s west coast?  Boost creativity and solidify your business strategy as you find motivation in an inspirational location with hardworking and passionate people just like yourself.


Sunny Office Events

Dates vary

Spain and Portugal

Price Varies


Change up your routine with some time alongside other authentic and passionate entrepreneurs and freelancers in the warm and sunny regions of Spain and Portugal.  Sunny Office aims to “bring exceptional people to beautiful, inspirational places where they can truly connect and make the most of being location independent.”


When it comes to digital nomad conferences, retreats, and events, the options are endless!

Whether you decide to join Location Indie and experience our gatherings or sign up for a conference in an exotic destination across the world, we encourage you to find ways to stay connected with like-minded people and make amazing connections that enrich your life and business.


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The Best Way to Invest $10,000 https://locationindie.com/best-way-to-invest-10000/ Tue, 10 Apr 2018 11:00:00 +0000 https://locationindie.com/?p=51834 For most people, choosing where to invest and how to navigate the hundreds of different options for financial can be overwhelming. But investing wisely is crucial to maintaining financial health, especially when you’re self-employed and live location independently.

The post The Best Way to Invest $10,000 appeared first on Location Indie.

For most people, choosing where to invest and how to navigate the hundreds of different options for financial can be overwhelming. With some investments, the risk is too high to stomach, but lower risk options – like a savings account – just don’t seem to be the best use of money. But investing wisely is crucial to maintaining financial health, especially when you’re self-employed and live location independently.

Here, we’ll talk about the best way to invest $10,000 so you can achieve financial independence and chase your dreams of becoming location independent. Please remember that you invest at your own risk, and should speak to a financial planning or investment professional if you have any questions or concerns about what investments are right for you. This article should not be taken as investment advice.

The Best Way to Invest $10,000: 8 Options To Choose From

1. Peer-to-Peer Lending

If you’re looking for a fixed income investment opportunity, peer-to-peer lending (P2P) is an ideal option. Essentially, you invest your desired amount and earn anywhere from 7 to 10% interest on your investment return. You can invest as little as $25 although a the recommended initial investment is $2,500. There is some risk involved with this type of investment, but since interest rates are high, you can usually cover any losses.

How does it work? Online marketplaces connect potential investors with borrowers, screen borrowers, and service the loans over a set period of time. Most of these lending sites operate online without any brick-and-mortar locations, making it easy to invest and track those investments from anywhere in the world.

The leading online marketplaces for P2P investments are Lending Club, Prosper and Zopa. If you’re based in Europe, you can check out Twino and earn interest of 11% and above. They have a really handy tool on their landing page where you can adjust how much capital you want to put up front and see what your return will be over a 12 month period. For example, if you lend 10,000 euros, you can earn a return of 11,380 euros over 12 months.

2. CD’s and High Yield Savings Accounts

Some people are totally risk-averse and don’t feel comfortable investing thousands of dollars that could potentially result in a loss and that’s fine. If you’re one of these people and you’re looking for a safe investment, opt to invest in a CD or other high yield savings account.

A CD is a certificate of deposit, and is similar to a normal bank account in that the investment is virtually risk-free. You can get CDs from financial institutions such as banks and credit unions and in the USA, the FDIC or the National Credit Union Administration insures them. If you invest for the long-term, you’ll generally earn a higher interest rate than if you choose a short-term investment.

There are tons of options when it comes to choosing CDs or high yield savings accounts, we’ll talk about the two most popular. The Charles Schwab High Yield Investor Checking Account doesn’t require a minimum balance or charge monthly service fees. When you open an investing account, you also automatically get a Schwab brokerage account, but there is no minimum investment amount for that account either. They also offer traditional financial services that brick-and-mortar banks do including ATM and debit cards. This bank account is highly recommended by digital nomads since they reimburse all ATM fees, making it a great choice for travel as well.

Another popular high yield savings account comes from EverBank. They have a handy tool that allows you to estimate your interest rate returns based on your starting balance. If you put $10,000 into their high yield account, you can expect a 1.21% APY, which results in earnings of $120 in one year. Compare that with Bank of America’s measly .01% APY and you can see why these accounts are a great choice for storing your funds.

3. Invest in the Stock Market

When it comes to the stock market, you can choose to invest in two ways: do it yourself or opt to have someone else manage the process for you. If you want to invest in stocks on your own, tools such as E*trade and Scottrade offer online brokerage services so you can invest exactly the way you want. Both websites offer educational guides and tools to help you learn how to manage your investments properly. You should only consider managing your investments yourself if you have a good deal of experience and a higher tolerance for risk.

If you prefer to have someone else manage your stock market investments, consider mutual funds. Instead of investing in individual stocks, you’ll buy into a mutual fund that purchases small amounts of several different stocks in one package, based on the assumption that diversifications mitigate risk. You can opt to buy just one mutual fund or several to diversify your investments and decrease risk. In general, buying one individual stock brings higher risk, but also the opportunity for a higher payoff, while mutual funds are considered a safer bet. The most popular mutual funds tend to be Vanguard and Merrill Edge.

4. Autopilot Investing

If you’re new to investing or just don’t have the time and patience to track your own investments closely, think about autopilot investing. In this type of investing, you sign up for an online investment management platform, which handles everything for you. These platforms are also known as robo-advisors and for a fee; they manage everything from choosing investing options to tax loss harvesting and asset allocation.

If you choose to invest up to $10,000, the annual fee is about .25%, which translates to around $30 to $40 per year depending on the platform. One of the most popular platforms is Betterment. You start by entering your financial information including any existing investments and long-term goals. The algorithm then runs investment selection and builds a portfolio tailored to your financial situation. They also feature integrated tax software, which can help you achieve personalized tax goals such as lower tax rates and other tax advantages.

5. Buy Real Estate

It’s no secret that investing in real estate is a great way to use funds to increase existing wealth. Whether you’re expanding your home to accommodate renters and generate passive income or choosing to pool your funds with friends to purchase a property, the possibilities are endless.

The problem with real estate investments is that they are often times out of reach for many individuals. For example, if you’re trying to invest $10,000 in real estate, that’s often not even enough to cover a down payment, let alone your monthly obligations. That doesn’t mean that you can’t invest in real estate.

In fact, one of the easiest ways to get into real estate without a lot of capital is to opt for a real estate investment trust (REIT). These trusts are companies that own commercial real estate that produces an income. These properties can include everything from warehouses and shopping malls to hospitals and office buildings. So instead of owning a particular property, you’ll own a portion of multiple properties within the REIT’s portfolio.

The benefits of investing in an REIT are numerous. You have high liquidity meaning you can buy and sell just like you would in the stock market. They’re also inherently diversified thus lowering your risk and offer higher yields than mutual funds or individual stocks. There are also tax advantages in terms of capital gains obligations since properties aren’t’ sold nearly as often as stocks within mutual funds.

6. Retirement Accounts

If you’re interested in investing, you probably already know how important it is to start saving for retirement. There are two main types of retirement accounts known as the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. With a traditional IRA, your contributions are tax-deductible and any earnings within the IRA are not taxed. However, when you start to pull the money out during your retirement, all withdrawals are taxed as income.

The structure of the Roth IRA is essentially the same except when it comes to taxes. Roth IRAs don’t receive a tax break on contributions like traditional IRAs, but withdrawals during retirement are tax-free. In general, if you think you will be in a lower tax bracket when you retire, it’s recommended that you choose a traditional IRA. If you’re unsure which is best for you, talk to a financial advisor who can help with your specific situation.

7. Pay Off Debt

One of the smartest things you can do when investing your money is to pay off any existing debts you may have. Whether you have a bank loan, student loans or credit card debt, you want to pay that off as soon as possible. You’ll save money in the long run because you won’t pay as much interest if the term of your loan is a lot shorter. When it comes to personal finance, it makes most sense to pay off significant debts before embarking on other investment endeavors.

8. Build an Online Business

One of the best things you can do with $10,000 is to invest it in yourself. To do this, you can build an online business that offers you a passive income stream and consistently grows your wealth year over year. You can choose to sell products through your website or offer services and education through a blog.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to monetize your site. You likely won’t need all of the $10,000 to get your online business started and you can use the extra funds to increase your following, attract advertisers or invest in one of the other ways on this list.

The Best Way to Invest 10000 c/o Location Indie

Invest Intelligently

When it comes to investing, there is no one size fits all solution. Investments will vary not only on how risk averse you are, but where you stand financially and what your long-term goals are.

Most people will choose a combination of the investments listed above, and it’s generally good advice to diversify your investments. These ideas should be a good jumping-off point to get you thinking about the best way to invest $10,000 so you can achieve your dreams of being location independent and experiencing everything the world has to offer.

This article is for entertainment purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice.

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Location Independent Business: Online Payroll Tools For Digital Nomads https://locationindie.com/business-online-payroll-tools/ Thu, 05 Apr 2018 11:00:06 +0000 https://locationindie.com/?p=51817 One of the first things entrepreneurs and online business owners encounter is the question of how to pay remote workers. Luckily, there are several online payroll services that make this task exponentially easier and also help you out come tax time.

The post Location Independent Business: Online Payroll Tools For Digital Nomads appeared first on Location Indie.

So you’ve figured out how you’re going to become a digital nomad and now you’re looking for the best tools to make your business as successful as possible. One of the first things entrepreneurs and online business owners encounter is the question of how to pay remote workers. Luckily, there are several friendly-to-location-independent-business online payroll services that make this task exponentially easier and also help you out come tax time.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who hires freelancers for your location independent business, or are yourself a freelancer in search of freedom from the 9-5, you need tools to track your finances. Here, we’ll show you some of the best business online payroll tools for digital nomad businesses to keep your business running smoothly.

Benefits of An Online Payroll System

First and foremost, an online payroll system makes it easy to ensure you pay your employees consistently and on time, no matter where they are located. You can keep track of how much you’ve paid out per quarter, per year, or by employee, and you’ll always have access to records.

Online payroll services are also adept at local, state and regional laws so your business can continue running smoothly, regardless of if you have a small business or a large one. For example, if you run an online business with more than 50 employees in the United States, you’re expected to abide by the Affordable Care Act. Staying in compliance with this law can be complicated, but an online payroll service can do the hard work for you.

Online payroll services enable you to control not only how much employees get paid, but also how they get paid. You can choose to pay employees via direct deposit, pay cards or checks. You can also integrate some online payroll systems with other software that collects how many hours employees work as well as any tax and commission provisions.

Business Online Payroll Solutions


SurePayroll is ne of the most popular payroll options for small businesses. They feature a cloud-based system making it easy to access your payroll information from anywhere and the mobile app means you can use your iOS or Android device as well. They offer payroll tax compliance services for an additional charge and feature 24/7 online support when you need assistance.

With this payroll specialist, you receive state and federal labor law compliance tools as well as helpful guides and documents to make sure your payroll process runs smoothly. You can choose to factor in things such as health insurance, workers’ compensation and 401(k) retirement plans when running payroll.

To run payments using this payroll provider, you need to follow three easy steps and complete the process by 2pm, two days before payday. First, you need to enter the salaries and number of hours worked by each employee, subtract deductions or any vacation time, review the amount of taxes being withheld and then confirm. SurePayroll makes it easy to pay your employees so you can focus on the important aspects of your digital nomad lifestyle.


Intuit is one of the best-known payroll processing businesses and for good reason. The payroll experts at Intuit make it easy for you to pay employees, file taxes properly and you also get a host of benefits to ensure your business reaches its potential. Intuit offers three service plans and all can be integrated to work seamlessly with Quickbooks. With three different plans, you can decide what works best for your location independent business.

Basic Plan

The first plan is known as the basic plan, which only offers payroll processing and no tax services. This plan is a great choice for smaller business that may have simplified payroll needs and for individuals and entities that are comfortable figuring out their own tax compliance.

Enhanced Plan

The mid-tier plan is called the enhanced plan, which features both business payroll processing as well as some tax services. With the enhanced plan, Intuit will calculate all federal and state taxes for you, but you are responsible for making the tax payments themselves. You can file electronically or by mail and this plan also enables you to print tax forms such as year-end-W2s for employees.

Full-Service Plan

The most comprehensive plan is the full-service payroll plan, which includes all payroll processes and tax responsibilities. With this plan, you also get a full tax guarantee so if any mistakes are made, Intuit will pay the fees and you will not be held liable.

Intuit features an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that you can access from anywhere using just an Internet connection. The sections are clearly labeled and navigating through the dashboard is simple even for a novice. Employees can also sign into the platform to view pay stubs, paid-time-off and end-f-year tax documents.


ADP focuses on small businesses with less than 50 employees and also offers three tiered plans like Intuit. The difference here is that all three plans offer to help you run payroll as well as provide tax services. These three plans also feature employee access, so your workers can log in to view pay stubs and tax forms when needed. You can set up email reminders for when it’s time to send out payments or to notify you of any online banking or bank account changes.

Essential Plan

With the essential plan, you can process payroll by phone, online or through the mobile app. Employees can be paid via direct deposit or by checks that will arrive at your office address. This basic plan features 15 payroll reports, how-to guides and tax services for W2’s and 1099’s.

Enhanced Plan

The enhanced plan includes all the benefits of the essential plan, but also allows you to authorize the company to sign and send checks directly to employees and offer payment via prepaid debit cards. With this plan, you’ll also get labor law poster compliance services and assistance with wage garnishment and unemployment insurance payouts.

Complete Plan

The Complete Plan includes all of these benefits as well as extra support such as HR tools, employee handbooks and job applicant tracking services. You’ll also get access via email and phone to a dedicated customer support team along with HR documents and 5 background checks per year.


Paychex is a full service online payroll service that also offers assistance with taxes. The company makes it easy to fill out payroll information online and you can set recurring rates and hours for employees to make payment processing even faster. Paychex offers plans that include new-hire reporting, workers’ compensation reports and tools to help onboard new employees.

Another great benefit from the Paychex platform is that they offer tools to help you track employee attendance and time worked. Some of their plans also offer background screening for potential hires and all plans include a 24/7-customer service and support in case any issues arise.

Come tax season, Paychex calculates your federal and local payroll taxes and can even file taxes on your behalf. They offer an accuracy guarantee so you can rest easy knowing that your taxes are filed properly. Like Intuit, their platform is cloud-based so you don’t need any complicated software.

Running Your Online Business

As a digital nomad, there are many tools to help you reach your potential when running a location independent business. With these tax and payroll tools, you’re sure to have all the information you need to pay your remote employees and stay in good standing with the tax man. With the flexibility of different plans, you can choose the option that best fits your lifestyle, personal preferences and the size of your business.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs That Let You Work From Anywhere https://locationindie.com/virtual-assistant-jobs/ Tue, 03 Apr 2018 11:00:44 +0000 https://locationindie.com/?p=51813 As more and more businesses move their operations online, there is an increasing demand for virtual assistants to keep things running smoothly. These virtual assistant jobs allow you to do the work you enjoy without being tied to a geographic location. Click to find out more about these jobs and where to find them.

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As more and more businesses move their operations online, there is an increasing demand for virtual assistants to keep things running smoothly. Virtual assistant jobs allow you to do the work you enjoy while getting rid of a long commute and being able to work from anywhere in the world.

There are several different ways you can become a virtual assistant and if you have the right skills, you can earn a great living and make enough money to sustain your life on the road. First, let’s talk about exactly what virtual assistants do and look at several companies that hire them for home-based work opportunities.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

A virtual assistant is basically a personal assistant that provides aid to clients and assists with everything from administrative tasks to project management – but they do not work in the client’s office. Virtual assistant jobs are similar to customer service jobs except that instead of helping customers, you help a company, business or entrepreneur with daily tasks and projects.

There are a few different kinds of virtual assistant positions, but the basis of the job is largely the same. As a virtual executive assistant, you’ll support the work of C-suite and high-level managers by helping them with projects that move the business forward (as well as some personal responsibilities). As an administrative assistant, you’ll focus more on the daily processes that ensure a company runs as smoothly as possible.

The duties of a virtual assistant include data entry, making business phone calls, answering emails and managing your client’s schedule. Your workday might include making travel arrangements, appointment scheduling and managing the bookkeeping. In companies with an online presence, you may even need to manage social media accounts and create or edit blog posts.

What You Need to Be a Virtual Assistant

To become a virtual assistant, you need to be able to juggle multiple tasks and keep track of tight deadlines to keep the office running smoothly. As a remote worker, you need excellent communication skills to keep the entire team and clients up to date. Virtual assistants should be excellent writers and communicators.

You’ll need to be proficient in any necessary software like email managers, project management tools, calendar apps, and scanners. If your company has an online presence, you may also need to know how to use web tools such as WordPress to keep the website up to date and (possibly) also various types of social media.

Since you’ll be working from a home office, you also need to ensure your office space is ideal for the tasks you need to accomplish. Some employers will require use of specific software or hardware so you need to make sure you’re familiar with each one. Depending on the employer, you may need Microsoft Office so make sure to check when applying. To be the most effective, you need to ensure youre home office sets you up for success. You should have a high-speed Internet connection and a quiet environment where you can work and connect with colleagues and clients.

entrepreneur startup start up man planing business office businessman 764664.jpgd 1Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants

Now that you’ve decided to become a virtual assistant, you probably need some guidance on how to find these jobs. Luckily, the major job boards such as Upwork and Guru make it easy to find remote work as a virtual assistant and there are tons of companies that hire virtual assistants as contractors or freelancers. Here, we’ll introduce you to some of them to help get you started on finding your next virtual assistant position.

1. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is an online platform that connects virtual assistants with companies that need their services. To list your services, you need to have excellent communication skills along with a computer and reliable Internet connection. You also need to have some form of a headset in order to communicate effectively with your clients. Typical daily tasks include appointment setting, assisting project coordinators and working closely with project managers.

Fancy Hands pays $3 to $7 per task depending on when tasks are completed, how quickly you complete them and how difficult a task is. If you do a good job, there is an opportunity to move up and become a virtual assistant manager. Payments are sent twice per month and are released every other Tuesday.

2. Zirtual

Zirtual only hires U.S. based applicants, but this can be a great opportunity if you are a resident of the United States. If hired, you’ll work alongside other virtual assistants as well as with account managers and account supervisors. You’ll be the main point of contact for clients and you’ll need to work a certain number of hours per week if hired. To qualify, you need at minimum an Associate’s degree and 1 year of administrative experience.

Zirtual hourly rates vary depending on the client but typically are between $13 and $18 per hour. You’ll be hired as a 1099 contractor, meaning you’ll be responsible for filing taxes on your own.

3. Timeetc

Timeetc is a virtual assistant company that hires mainly for flexible or part-time positions, requiring a minimum of 3 hours per week. To qualify, you need at least 2-3 years of experience as a personal assistant, executive assistant, secretary or administrative assistant. Zirtual hires virtual assistants in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Pay ranges from $11 to $16 per hour based on experience.

4. Worldwide 101

Worldwide 101 is a company that hires administrative assistants as contractors. This company focuses on providing administrative support to small and medium-sized companies in the U.S. and Europe. That means that many of their postings are available not just to U.S. citizens, but also to Europeans. They currently have open positions for executive assistants in several industries including paralegal.

Worldwide 101 pays higher rates than some of these other companies because they only hire experienced virtual assistants. None of their positions are entry-level and hourly rates start at $18. You need a minimum of 7 years experience for most of their job listings. While they hire applicants from a wide variety of countries, you’ll need to be fluent in written and spoken English to land a position with this company.

5. Assistant Match

Assistant Match is another company that connects administrative assistants with companies and businesses looking for help with day-to-day processes. One of the interesting things about this company is that they don’t only hire experienced assistants; they also offer training and support for people looking to become virtual assistants. They also offer resources for virtual assistants including a quickstart guide to help them reach their potential.

At Assistant Match, you simply create an account and the company will match you with companies that are a good fit. Compared to these other companies, Assistant Match offers more support during the job search portion, making it a great resource if you’re just getting started as a virtual assistant. Pay ranges from $12 to $15 per hour and you can earn up to $25 per hour if you have graphic design experience.

6. Lifebushido

Lifebushido is always hiring for part-time virtual assistant positions. You must work a minimum of 5 hours per week and if you do a good job, you can increase your hours to 20 per week. Lifebushido hires people worldwide so you can apply whether you live in New York, Chicago or a remote corner of the globe.

7. Belay

Belay is an INC 500 company that hires a U.S.-based virtual assistant to support senior-level management. The company prefers to hire applicants with at least a Bachelor’s degree and 5 years working experience in the industry. You’ll need a computer with a webcam, a smartphone and an in-home office setup that includes Microsoft Office and either a Mac or PC with minimum 1.0ghz dual core processor. According to Glassdoor, pay ranges from $14 to $18 per hour.

8. UAssist.ME

Featured in America’s 30Under30 and on CNN, UAssist.me hires virtual assistants who specialize in design, real estate, consultancy and technology. There are opportunities for English only and bilingual positions as well. UAssist.me does not prominently list their salaries so you’ll need to apply or inquire within for more details.

9. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant is a company that hires administrative assistants to work with companies across the world. The actively encourage you to include any additional languages you speak, so being multilingual will be a plus for landing a position here. If interested, send your resume to careers@247virtualassistant.com.

24/7 Virtual Assistant pays an average of $10 to $12 per hour depending on your skill level and the client’s requirements. They claim 90% of their clients require anywhere from 20 to 120 hours of work per month from virtual assistants so there are opportunities for both part-time and full-time employment.

Become a Virtual Assistant

With the right skills and a bit of patience, you can start working from home as a virtual assistant. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a digital nomad or looking to supplement your job with extra cash, being a virtual office assistant can be a rewarding career. Some of these positions allow you to work remotely from anywhere on the planet while others require you to be based in a certain region. Make sure to double-check the details before applying to ensure the position fits your desired work at home lifestyle.

Whatever you decide to do, working remotely as a virtual assistant can enable you to travel the world and experience all it has to offer while still earning a living. For more information on the location independent lifestyle, check out our community. Here you’ll find a wealth of information on how to start working remotely, what it’s like to live life on the road and how to take your career ambitions to the next level.

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Online Jobs For Teachers, Plus Companies That Hire For Them https://locationindie.com/online-jobs-for-teachers/ Thu, 29 Mar 2018 11:00:33 +0000 https://locationindie.com/?p=51797 Remote work can seem like an unattainable dream, especially for teachers who feel tied to the traditional classroom setting. But the increasing popularity of online courses means there is an increasing supply of online jobs for teachers and administrators in the education industry.

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Remote work can seem like an unattainable dream, especially for teachers who feel tied to the traditional classroom setting. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With the advent of technology and the increasing popularity of online courses, there is a consistently higher demand for online teachers.

Whether you prefer to teach levels from kindergarten through high school or if you would like to be behind the scenes, there are plenty of location independent jobs in the education industry.

Qualifications for Remote Educational Work

So you may be wondering exactly what you need to do to qualify for these teaching positions. While requirements can vary from company to company and depending on the position, there are usually some basic requirements. First, you’ll almost always need to have a Bachelor’s degree. For some of the higher-level classes or college courses, you may even need a more advanced degree.

When it comes to English as a second language (ESL) jobs, you may need a certification verifying your fluency in the language. Some companies don’t require this, but if your desired position does, the top two certifications in the field are the CELTA and TOEFL. These courses can take up to 6 weeks and cost upwards of $1,000 so make sure to find out the requirements of your chosen position so you can decide if it’s worth it and plan ahead.

Finally, you’ll (likely) need some form of teaching experience, but depending on the company, this can vary from simple tutoring to a required number of hours in the classroom.

Outside of that, you’ll also need to think about your teaching environment. Many companies will have requirements for your work environment and online classroom setup, including things like minimum Internet speeds and educational tools such as whiteboards or learning aids for younger levels. You can get these items after securing your first online teaching job; just keep this in mind if you’re a digital nomad and plan on moving often or working from a variety of spaces.

Online Jobs For Teachers

Online Teacher

If you’re looking for a position that most closely mimics the experience of teaching in the classroom, then online teaching is the gig for you. There are several different levels you can choose from including K-12, college or ESL, which we will explore in more detail below.

In general, online teaching offers much of the same experience as teaching in a classroom setting, only in a virtual atmosphere. You may teach a single student one on one or entire classrooms from a remote location. You can also choose to educate home-schoolers, adult learners or lead corporate learning seminars and training programs.

Online teaching positions allow you to virtually enter a normal classroom, which is popular at the college level and is done with the help of an aide present in the classroom. Alternatively, your online classes can be entirely remote where students log into the educational platform at a designated time and you instruct in a pseudo-hangout environment.


According to iNACOL, in 2015 there were close to 60 million K-12 students taking part in some form of online education. With increasing numbers year over year, there is a high demand for virtual K-12 teachers. Many of these students take one or two subjects online while others are enrolled in entirely virtual school programs. As with K-12 learning in the classroom, if you choose this career path, you’ll need to instruct students based on statewide standards.

Who’s Hiring?

Connections Academy is a company that contracts with school districts to offer online courses, and hires online educators as contractors to fill positions. Since they offer positions in a variety of states, you’ll need to have residency and teaching certifications in the state in which you wish to work. California Virtual Academies is another choice if you have a teaching certification in California. This company is a network of public charter schools and you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree and at least 3 years of teaching experience to qualify.

College Level

Both online colleges and traditional brick and mortar universities are increasingly expanding their online offerings. You can work behind the scenes as a course developer (more on that in a minute) or teach as part of the college faculty.

At the college level, you can work as an online course instructor, a distance learning aide or an online course writer. Remember that most of the online teaching positions available at colleges require at least a master’s degree. If hired, you’ll likely join the college as part of the adjunct faculty. As an online adjunct professor, you work on a contractual or part-time basis.

Who’s Hiring?

Start by looking at online colleges and universities since their entire staff is typically remotely based. Keiser University and Liberty University are some of the top-ranked online schools if you want to aim high. Otherwise, you can search for online colleges in your area. Alternatively, you can look at online teaching job boards for college-level education such as HigherEdJobs and ChronicleVitae.

Foreign Language and ESL

Another alternative for online teaching is to become a foreign language or ESL instructor. These positions are most common at the high school level or above, although there are often opportunities in adult education as well. If you are a digital nomad and plan on traveling around a lot, this is an excellent opportunity when it comes to working since you can teach your native language to new learners.

Some of these positions will require your presence in a foreign classroom, allowing you to travel and learn about a specific city and country. Other positions are entirely online so you can teach from the comfort of your own home, apartment or hotel room. If you choose an online platform, you want to make sure your educational space is quiet and free from distractions when you are teaching your students.

Additionally, if you speak less common or more challenging languages (from a western point of view) such as Arabic, Chinese or Tagalog, you can increase your earning potential since there will be less competition in your field. Many of these positions will require language certificates verifying the proficiency of your language skills before hiring you.

Who’s Hiring?

VIPKID is a Chinese company that hires native English speakers to teach young Chinese students up to around grade 5. To qualify, you need a Bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience. In return, compensation varies from about $16 to $24 dollars and there are several opportunities to earn more money by picking up last minute classes and referring other qualified teachers.

Another similar opportunity is available from DaDAABC with pay ranging up to $25 for online courses geared towards English language learning for Chinese students. You can also look into ESL tutor positions with Rosetta Stone, PandaTree or GoFluent.

school 1589323 1920

Online Tutor

Online tutoring is similar to online teaching, but you don’t need as many years of experience in the classroom and degree requirements may also be a little lower. It’s also typically a one-on-one setting and you can set your own schedule when meeting with students and pupils. Your main goal as an online tutor is to help students master a particular subject area.

Online tutoring is something you can do in high school or college to make a little extra cash or you can turn it into a full-time career by sharing your expertise. Whether you’re a math whizz and can tutor calculus and algebra or skilled at computer science, tutoring is a lucrative industry if you have the skills.

Most online tutors use simple tools such as Skype or Google Hangouts to conduct tutoring sessions. With screen sharing capabilities, you can easily work with a student on everything from homework assignments to preparing for exams.

Who’s hiring?

As a tutor, you can choose to work freelance for another company or create your own business offering tutoring services. Some companies that frequently hire tutors include Aim4A, Chegg, Tutor.com and Brainmass.  Alternatively, you can build your own website and offer tutoring services as a private contractor. To do this, you’ll need to build a portfolio and offer references to drive repeat and new clients to your site.

The thing to note here is that most professionals who make a full-time living tutoring have consistent clients, repeat work and often charge higher rates. It may take some time to build your portfolio of clientele if you choose to go out on your own, so be patient.

Educational Editor

As an educational editor, you will review manuscripts, arrange contracts with publishers and edit written content while making necessary corrections. To qualify, you need a Bachelor’s degree in the subject that is being published, as well as a few years of teaching experience at the minimum.

According to Study.com, the average salary for an educational editor in 2015 was $64,910, making this an excellent career for teachers looking to move out of the classroom or supplement their retirement as a part-time position.

Who’s Hiring?

Publishing companies and businesses that produce textbooks for use in the classroom offer most of these positions. For these positions, you can look directly on a textbook publishers careers site or search for educational editor positions such as Atwood Tate, which is based in the UK and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which is the largest textbook publisher in the United States. You can do a simple search for educational editors on job board websites like SimplyHired and Indeed and make sure to filter for home-based positions.

Curriculum Developer

If you’re a teacher or instructor in a classroom, you likely know what works well and what doesn’t. If you’re looking to get out of the classroom, but still enjoy working in education, becoming a curriculum developer is a great option. As a curriculum developer, you’ll turn content into interesting lesson plans designed to engage students and enhance the learning process.

Who’s Hiring?

HigherEdJobs has curriculum design positions fairly regularly and they also easily display the location so you can sift through positions and find the remote/online ones that work for you. Some companies that are currently offering home-based opportunities for instructional design developers include Cengage, Genius Plaza and eLearning Company. Upwork also lists several freelance curriculum developer positions.

Writing Coach

As a writing coach, you teach the hard skills of writing and producing content to clients. This can range from helping new graduates with their resumes to offering coaching services to students in order to help them improve their writing for research or a graduate school thesis.

To be a writing coach, you need to have excellent writing skills as well as expertise in the area in which you wish to be a coach. If you want to coach people on how to write a book, you should have success writing and publishing your own novels. As a writing coach, you’ll offer clients step-by-step advice to reach their goals, give new perspectives on written works and hold them accountable to deadlines.

According to Writer Mag, a fair salary range for a writing coach is from $75 to $125 per hour. Writing coaches can also offer bundled packages or multiple sessions for a discounted rate to encourage repeat business.

Who’s Hiring?

Since this position can be extremely varied, it’s useful to figure out exactly what kind of writing coach you want to be. Do you want to help people publish novels? Do you want to be a resume editor? Or maybe you prefer to work as a writing coach on a college campus? Hone in on exactly what you want to do in order to find the right fit.

The best way to find a position as a writing coach is to search through Indeed or another large job board and filter your job search to remote jobs. A quick search through these job boards shows colleges such as Brown University and the University of Virginia hiring for writing coaches as well as companies such as Phantom and Auster.

Test Scoring

If you have a background in education, you can become a test scorer. Test scorers typically work on giving marks on exams taken in middle and high school. Many of these tests are high level and have a significant impact on student’s educational lives. You’ll correct tests including the SATs, GRE, TOEFL and AP exams.

Who’s Hiring?

There are many companies within the test scoring industry that hire remote workers. One of the biggest names in the industry is ETS and they are always looking for new test scorers. One thing to note is that work schedules vary throughout the year and there is a high season since many of these tests take place around the same time each year.

Another big name in the industry is Kaplan, the test prep professionals. In order to qualify as a test scorer at Kaplan, you must have scored in the 90th percentile or above on your chosen subject matter. They also prefer a Bachelor’s degree, but this has been waved in the past dependent on experience and test scores.

Pearson is a British owned education publisher that offers resources for higher education students. They regularly accept applications for work at home test scorers mainly focused on grading the SATs. You must have a Bachelor’s degree, experience as a high school English teacher and have legal authorization to work in the U.S.A.

Teaching Materials Provider

As a teacher, you probably also know which classroom materials and activates are the most effective when it comes to learning. A website called Teachers Pay Teachers has emerged to enable you to share your expertise with other teachers. Using their online platform, you can sell your lesson plans, fun classroom activities and even classroom décor.

The highest earner on the site has pulled in over $2 million, and more than 200 users have made more than $50,000. While not necessarily a full-time gig for most educational professionals, it can be a great way to make extra cash. You can post your materials by type including videos, guides and holiday-themed tools or by subject.

Start Teaching Online

As an online teacher, you get the benefits of working from anywhere, having a flexible schedule and it’s also a great way to join the location independent movement. With a plethora of online teaching jobs, you can choose to add extra income to your current gig or opt for full-time employment as a remote worker.

If you need more support on how to find remote jobs or what it’s like to be location independent, consider joining our community. You’ll get 24/7 access to digital nomads who have created their own online businesses and others who freelance as teachers, designers, writers and so on.

Whether you’re a college student looking for ways to start working remotely when you graduate or a seasoned educator with years of teaching experience under your belt, there is an online job for you out there.

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How To Monetize A Website: 14 Ways To Make Money Online https://locationindie.com/how-to-monetize-a-website/ Tue, 27 Mar 2018 11:00:27 +0000 https://locationindie.com/?p=51798 If you've decided that you want to kick your 9 to 5 to the curb but are still wondering how people make money online, this article is your answer! Click through to learn how you can monetize your website so you can start earning an income while traveling the world.

The post How To Monetize A Website: 14 Ways To Make Money Online appeared first on Location Indie.

So you’ve decided that you want to kick your 9 to 5 to the curb and become location independent. Maybe you’ve picked an employment path, but now you’re wondering how in the world people make money online. Well today, we’ll show you how you can monetize your website so you can start earning an income while traveling the world.

To get started, you obviously need to have a website. Typically, this means you’ve already settled on how you want to become a digital nomad and have already laid the groundwork for building your online business.

If you haven’t gotten that far yet, you can start by checking out the different ways of becoming a digital nomad. Once you figure out which one is a good fit for you, head over to a website like WordPress or Squarespace and build your blog or website. After you finish those two steps, you can come back here and incorporate these monetization strategies.

Already have your website up and running? Great! There are several ways digital nomads and online businesses make money through their websites. We’ll document several of them here so you can start earning money from your website.

computer buy money banknotes 163056

3 Tips Before You Start Monetizing Your Website

1. Build and Analyze Your Website Traffic

Before you start trying to earn money on your website or blog, you need to start driving traffic and potential customers to your site. Without people viewing your site, you won’t have much of a shot at making money since no one will be aware of your content. The efficacy of many of these monetization strategies depends on the amount and type of traffic your website receives.

One of best tools to monitor and analyze your traffic is Google Analytics. This is the industry standard for quantifying and analyzing your web traffic. Google Analytics provides statistics like how much time visitors spend on each page of the site, how many page views you get in total, and any keywords that were entered into search engines in order to reach your page. This information is incredibly valuable when it comes to creating content for your target audience as well as for selecting which ways you will monetize your site.

2. Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

Known in the marketing industry as SEO, or search engine optimization, this is the process of enhancing your content to maximize the visibility of your website in search engines like Google and Bing. Typically, the best ways to do this are to ensure you use proper HTML when building your website and identifying keywords when producing content.

You should do some research and find out which keywords in your industry have the highest amounts of traffic and lower amounts of competition. Once you’ve identified these keywords, you can start curating content to increase your website visibility in your target market.

3. Create Great Content

With more and more people creating websites and blogs, it’s increasingly important to create useful and intelligent content. People won’t return to your website if they find it disinteresting or think it’s lacking in terms of information and knowledge. Focus on writing pieces that are informative, create and provide a solution to common problems in your niche. Try to craft catchy headlines to catch readers’ attention and write interesting content to keep them coming back for more.

pexels photo 450271 1

How to Monetize a Website: Top 14 Ways to Make Money With Your Site

1. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you’ve just started a new website or have under 200,000 visitors to your existing site per month, a great way to monetize your site is to incorporate PPC advertising. One of the most common PPC programs is Google Adsense and this is generally where most successful website managers start. The PPC provider automatically creates ads that are based on the webpage’s content and targeted to your specific audience. You get paid a small commission every time a visitor clicks on one of these ads on your website.

2. Sell Ad Space

Alternatively, if your site gets more than 200,000 views per month, you can consider selling ad space directly. While you can use this method if you have fewer visitors, it tends to be more productive for sites with very large followings. You can choose to feature banner ads, display ads on the sidebar of your site or opt for pop-up ads – the possibilities are almost endless. Make sure to think about the layout of your site and select advertising space that fits the visuals and content of your site.

Most of the time, direct ads as sold on a CPM basis which is where a website publisher pays a certain amount for 1,000 impressions on each ad. Some direct advertising arrangements are also based on cost per action (CPA) where you pay for a specified action such as a like, retweet and so on. If you think your website is a good fit for this time of monetization and want to work with ad networks, check out InClick, OpenX, or DoubleClick from Google.

The important thing to remember when using ads to monetize your site is that the higher your traffic, the higher your earning potential. The fewer visitors you have, the less people will even see your ads and want to buy something. This is why it is so important to make sure you focus on driving traffic and building a following before trying to monetize.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start making money on your website. All you have to do to get started is create an account with affiliate programs. Once you have an affiliate account, you can find products that you think would be beneficial to your target audience and then promote them on your website and in any email lists you may have. When one of your readers uses your affiliate links to purchase the product, you’ll receive a commission from the sale. Commissions can range anywhere from 30-70% so there is a great opportunity to make some money endorsing products you find useful.

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is one of the most popular and used by most websites that are monetized. Clickbank is another popular affiliate program that deals entirely with digital products like eBooks. Make sure to include affiliate links wherever you can in your blog posts and other promotional materials to increase the likelihood of earning a commission.

4. Feature Sponsored Posts

As with most of these other monetization methods, featuring sponsored posts works best when you have focused on increasing your visitor numbers. Sponsored content is basically just content from other sellers offering products or services that are relevant to your site visitors.

One way to feature sponsored content is to do product reviews in an advertorial post on your website. You want to make sure that you don’t just sell these products in your posts otherwise you may turn off some readers. You want the information to be transparent and honest, so make sure to include any downsides the product may have and be straightforward when reviewing.

The huge caveat here is that you should never promote products or services you don’t truly believe in. It’s easy to tell when a site promotes a product solely because they get a kickback. This kind of inauthenticity erodes trust in you and your site and will actually lead to less sales in the long run. So focus on promoting and reviewing items that are designed for the benefit of your community and the money will pour in.

5. Sell Digital Products or Services Online

Up until this point, most of these monetization methods mean that someone else is taking a cut of your profits. If you can sell digital products directly to your target market, you increase your earning potential. The most popular digital products that people sell online are e-books. The reason they are so popular is that you can create one for just about any industry and any niche market. You can also take it a step further and set up an e-commerce site, although this takes significantly more work.

To create a profitable ebook, you’ll need to put in a lot of hard work. These products need to be visually stimulating meaning you’ll have to become familiar with design tools to create a polished product. You also need to keep in mind that you need to process payments for these e-books and decide on the best method. You can choose from collecting payments through PayPal, bank transfer and you’ll also need to add these widgets or tools to your website.

If you choose this method of making money, you need to create a stunning landing page that will encourage people to purchase your product. Think about where your visitors will most easily find these products or offer them as a pop-up or in email list promotions. You may also want to track your conversion rates so that you can see if an e-book or other digital product is worth the effort for your site.

6. Create an Email List

We’ve mentioned this a few times now, but email lists are incredibly useful when marketing your products and services to potential customers. Email lists are essentially databases  of your most loyal readers and people who have subscribed to get the latest updates from your site. If you choose this monetization method, your first order of business is to encourage as many readers as possible to sign up for your email lists. Most websites use pop-ups on landing pages to convert first-time visitors into followers via email lists.

You can also offer portions of your ebook in a presale to your email subscribers, which enables you to earn a little bit of cash  during the long writing process. This is similar to how publishers offer one or two chapters for a small fee to drum up excitement and get people interested in what you have to offer.

While many of these other website monetization techniques are typically short-term, email lists play a long-term game. You may not make a ton of money by signing up 10 people the first day, but you’ll increase your earning potential over the long run by having more and more loyal followers.

So what should you use your email lists for? Email lists are a great way to let readers know what you’re up to, any exciting news regarding the site or to share products and services that may interest them. The key here is to offer free help useful information in order to build a connection with your readers. You want email lists to lay the foundation of a relationship with visitors and the best way to do this is to offer free advice. Be careful promoting too many products or sending out too many emails, as that can turn off readers and you’ll lose subscribers faster than you gain them.

If you want some help creating effective email lists, check out Social Trigger’s guide to building email lists for a comprehensive introduction to the subject. The most popular email list companies include MailChimp, which is best for bloggers, AWeber, which is designed for E-commerce sites, and GetResponse, which is perfect for beginners.

pexels photo 266176

7. Offer Premium Content for a Fee

Once you start building a loyal following, you can start asking them to pay for added services or premium content through your site. This method really only works if people trust your expertise and feel like you have important information to share, so you’ll need to work on being an expert in your field or target market. It’s not generally recommended for websites that are just getting started since there isn’t this basis of trust yet. Therefore, this method is a better monetization option for established sites with larger audiences.

8. Offer Private Forums or Coaching

If you have expertise with a specific skill or expert knowledge about your industry, you can offer private coaching sessions or larger classes in exchange for payment. This is a great way to give back to your community and generate recurring income.

You can choose how simple or complicated you want these coaching sessions to be. If your style is laid-back, you can offer simple Skype coaching sessions without a lot of fluff. Alternatively, you can choose to make coaching sessions a getaway by offering retreats or putting together a large conference where you can meet your online readers in person.

Forums are another great way for website owners to connect with their online community and make money while doing so. The easiest way to monetize forums is to offer paid access to groups tailored to suit their needs. For example, if you run a fitness blog, you can create a paid forum specifically for losing weight or gaining muscle. This way, users can pay to connect with people just like them who have the same goals and may be tackling the same obstacles.

9. Host A Paid Webinar

This is similar to offer private coaching sessions except that you can open it up to a wider audience. Paid webinars are a blend of promoting your content and offering your consulting services. They’re also a great way to further build a relationship with your online visitors and foster discussion. You can use these webinars to get new ideas for content and to react directly to the concerns and desires of your audience.

If you have a hard time figuring out what to charge, do a Google search and see if you can find similar figure sin your industry that offer the same services. You’ll need to be realistic about your standing in the community in terms of expertise and what you have to offer when setting a fair rate. You can also follow up your webinars with a quick survey asking attendees what they thought about your content as well as the value and adjust rates accordingly.

10. Create A Membership Site

This one is pretty straightforward. By creating a membership site, you can start to drive recurring income and increase your monthly earnings. Typically, most membership sites charge a yearly or monthly fee for access to premium content. Since visitors will be paying for this content, you want to make sure it’s more in-depth than the free information you offer on your site so that readers will continue to find the fee worth the money. This is such a popular monetization website that WordPress has created their ultimate guide to creating a membership site, which you should check out if you think this method is a good fit for you.

11. Feature a ‘Hire Me’ Section on Your Website

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by highlighting any freelance services you offer. Featuring this prominently on its own page draws target clients in and offers all relevant information including exactly what you do, how much you charge and how to contact you in one convenient place.

You can greatly increase your chances of getting new clients by featuring examples of your previous work and listing any big name clients you may have worked for. You can find other techniques and information on how to create an effective ‘hire me’ page right here.

If your business involves other team members, you should also include brief biographies on them so potential clients know exactly who they will be working with. Make sure to include whether you outsource work and what clients can expect from a partnership. You can also include quick links to packages of your services and make sure to make your contact information prominent.

12. Start Flipping Websites

A popular way to make money if you’re good at creating websites is to flip them. Just like flipping houses, the idea here is that you buy or build websites and then sell them at a profit. It’s useful to start out small here until you build a reputation for creating successful websites. If you’ve never built a website before, you can approach local businesses in your community and ask to create their sites. This way you will build a portfolio and learn the basics when it comes to website creation and basic coding.

Once you have the basics down, you can start flipping websites. You’ll want to start by identifying domain names that may be popular, viral or relevant to a certain industry. Once you purchase these domain names, the fun begins and you’ll start driving traffic and monetizing the sites. The most popular website markets where you can sell your sites are Flippa and We Buy Websites.

Although it’s generally not recommended because of the focus on the short-term, flipping websites can be a great way to learn what works well when it comes to monetizing in different industries and with different demographics. With enough skill, you can earn a decent living flipping websites. If you’re less risk-averse and this sounds intriguing, you can check out more right here.

13. Generate Leads for Relevant Companies

This is very similar to affiliate marketing except that it doesn’t actually matter whether the reader buys something from the linked site. Instead, websites or companies will pay you to simply drive traffic to their sites, regardless of how long a visitor stays or if they make any purchases.

14. Solicit Donations

If you are just starting out or don’t quite feel comfortable selling products or information to your readers, you can request donations instead. This is also a good method for websites with larger audiences. In fact, Wikipedia, one of the most visited sites on the web solicits donations to keep the site free and up to date.

While this method won’t make you rich quick, it can help cover your basic expenses while you work on earning more money online. You can easily add a donation button using PayPal to your website so there’s not a whole lot of effort involved here. You’ll also want to may a genuine plea for support and mention that these donations help keep the site up and running.

Start Making Money On Your Website

With these monetization techniques you can start earning a living from your blog or website. Keep in mind that you want to take into account the nature of your site as well as your target audience when deciding on which methods to use to monetize your blog or website. Focus on first building a loyal following and then move on to getting creative with ways to make money online. With enough time, effort and patience, you can start making money from your website and become location independent.

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Freelance Travel Writing Jobs That Pay Well (And Where To Find Them) https://locationindie.com/travel-writing-jobs/ Thu, 22 Mar 2018 11:00:15 +0000 https://locationindie.com/?p=51783 Can you really earn enough money from writing to travel the world to meet your basic needs? Typically, travel writing jobs pay well enough to live a comfortable life. Click through for information about companies that hire travel writers and how much they pay.

The post Freelance Travel Writing Jobs That Pay Well (And Where To Find Them) appeared first on Location Indie.

The job of travel writer has been glamorized for decades and for good reason. From the days of writers penning dramas while sipping espressos in cafes along Rue Saint-Germain-des-Prés to visions of modern nomads typing away on laptops on white sand beaches lapped by turquoise waters – it’s a pretty idyllic lifestyle.

But how can you really earn enough money from writing to travel the world to meet your basic needs? Well, it’ll depend largely on where you live and how much you spend, but typically, travel writing jobs pay well enough to live a comfortable life on the road. Here, we’ll share some companies that hire travel writers and give you a ballpark idea of how much they pay, so you can decide if becoming a travel writer is a good fit for you.

Freelance Travel Writing Jobs - How to find the ones that pay well

What You Need to Be A Travel Writer

Writing is a skill all of us learn while in school, but what most people don’t realize is that you can make great money by making writing a career. In terms of the location independent movement, most people in this industry are travel writers, since they can make money while sharing their experiences. In order to become a freelance travel writer, you’ll need two main things: an ability to write well and abide by grammar and spelling conventions and a reliable laptop to get your work done on.

Many people think you need a ton of travel experience to be a travel writer, but that’s not necessarily true. While it is useful to be well-traveled, the main requirement is to write about the things you know. Maybe you haven’t travelled the whole globe yet, but you certainly know plenty about your hometown or even state. Start by focusing your writing in these areas. Choose areas you know intimately and pitch those stories to travel magazines and publishers first, since you’ll be able to provide a local angle most through travelers won’t be able to.

Travel writing doesn’t require a lot of equipment, which makes it a great job for digital nomads that are constantly on the move. It does, however, require a lot of attention to detail and a healthy dose of humility. Often times, you’ll have editors that will dissect your work and you need to be open and willing to accept criticisms and changes, and then adjust your writing to suit your client’s needs.

How to Get Started Travel Writing

If you want to become a travel writer, you’ll need to start building a portfolio of travel writing work that you can send to clients. Since there is a lot of competition in the travel industry, most companies won’t hire travel writers that don’t have any published work.

Therefore, your first goal must be to build a portfolio of published articles. As mentioned, start by pitching stories about the places you already know well to local publications in your community or online publications that have audiences that may benefit from your expertise. Once you have some published articles, you can start searching on websites like Upwork and Indeed to find new clients.

Now is also a good time to set up the processes for your writing. You’ll need to decide whether you want to write using Microsoft Word, Google Docs or some other platform. Whatever tool you decide to use, make sure it offers support for editing, comments and suggestions so editors can quickly review your submissions and make changes that you can track. If you’re producing a lot of content, management tools like Asana and Trello are useful for keeping the entire team on the same page and up to date on deadlines.

Now that you know the basics of freelance travel writing, let’s talk about some companies that hire travel writers and what they offer for compensation.

Freelance Travel Writing Jobs (That Pay Well)

Companies That Hire Travel Writers

Travel-Oriented Websites and Publications


GoNomad features two different types of articles including destination mini-guides and first person accounts of trips, which they call ‘Journeys’. You can write about everything from what to see during a weekend in New York to detailing your epic trip across Canada in a motorhome. If you choose to do the mini-guides for travel destinations, you’ll need to have a heavy focus on facts and details, not just a general overview. They want things like contact information for any places you recommend delivered in a creative way.

GoNomad pays $25 per article, but they also work on promoting your website content and feature writers on their main page, giving you even more exposure and the opportunity to find new clients. The key to writing for this website is to keep things original and avoid fluff, standard descriptions you can find elsewhere and promotional hype. They’re looking for content that is entertaining and useful for a well-traveled target audience.

Matador Travel Network

The Matador Travel Network is an international travel website that has connected global citizens for more than 10 years. Since 2007, they’ve hired thousands of writers, photographer and videographers to create stunning content from across the world. They’ve worked with everyone from leading industry professionals to people who have never been published before, making this website a opportunity for beginners and experienced travel writers alike.

Matador Network pays $25 per article and they operate on a pitch basis, meaning they won’t ever assign content to you. Instead, you must pitch ideas for articles to the company and they review all submissions. If they like your pitch, they will contact you with an offer. All submissions are done directly on the website and all you need to do is create an account to submit your travel ideas.


Known internationally as a go-to resource for all things travel, this is an excellent website for travel writers looking to expand their reach. For this site, you’ll write about top destinations across the globe as well as detail some of the experiences travellers can expect when heading abroad. While they are not always recruiting writers, they do have fairly frequent openings so it’s a good idea to keep checking.

Viator pays $100 to $150 per standard article and each one must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. They also have some shorter articles occasionally that are designed as sort of destination to-do lists. These articles are only 300 to 500 words and the pay is $45 per each article.

Travel + Leisure

Internationally recognized as one of the best travel websites, this is an exceptional site to have work published on, if you have the advanced skills and expertise for the job. With more than 6 million readers, this is the ultimate client if you really want to make a name for yourself in the travel writing industry.

While the work on the site is incredibly elite, there are plenty of opportunities for travel writers, since most of the content is sourced from freelancers. Travel + Leisure has several regional publications aside from its main USA-based publication, including ones based in Southeast Asia and South America.

Travel + Leisure focuses on travel stories along with documenting the joys and pitfalls of traveling. It’s recommended that you include practical information such as when to go, how to get around and where to eat when submitting destination articles. Travel + Leisure only accepts original content so any submissions will need to be brand new posts and not published anywhere else. They pay $1000 for digital content and $2 per word for printed magazines articles. If you have an idea for a story, send your pitch to submissions@travelandleisure.com.

Outpost Magazine

Outpost Magazine is an international travel brand that posts several different types of travel articles to both their print and online editions. Their publishing offerings include feature stories, thrill seeker articles that cover wild adventures, insider guides, field notes that feature scientific connections and, gourmet recipes from across the world. This magazine only publishes exclusives so you won’t be able to publish your work on any other websites either before or after it appears in Outpost’s publications.

Outpost pays on a case-by-case basis so there is no standard when it comes to word count or pay per word. Article submissions should be sent via email to the following email address: submissions@outpostmagazine.com. Make sure to include your story angle, length, elements and whether you have any photos that should be included. It’s also useful to include any writing samples you feel are relevant to show your expertise and style. Since they receive a high volume of submissions, you’ll only hear back if your article pitch is accepted.

Freelance Travel Writing Jobs at Magazines

Magazines and Websites With Travel Sections

Yoga Journal

With the emergence of yoga retreats across the globe, this magazine has the perfect niche market if you enjoy yoga, travel and like to share your experiences. Yoga Journal works frequently with freelancers and 75% of their content comes from these remote workers.

Their article requirements are a little longer than some of these other sites at 3,000 to 5,000 words. Yoga Journal pays $800 to $2,000 per article and you should focus your writing on yoga destinations, new centers or emerging topics in the industry. Freelance writers are encouraged to submit pitches for travel articles directly to the editor-in-chief at queries@yogajournal.com.

Instinct Magazine

While Instinct magazine is a monthly magazine geared towards gay men living in California, it does have a fairly large travel section and they are looking for new contributors regularly. Almost 40% of their articles come from freelance writers and their style in fun, hip and entertaining, making it a fun place to share travel ideas in a laid-back atmosphere.

Most article submissions should be between 1000 and 2000 words and pay can range from $50 to $300 depending on the content and length. To get started, send an email to iwanttoblog@instinctmag.com with writing samples and a brief description on how you would be a good fit for the magazine. It’s also important to note that Instinct expects all contributors to be familiar with social media as they use these tools to keep articles relevant.

Men’s Health

While largely a site known for offering fitness and nutrition advice to men, this magazine has online and print sections focused on travel. Almost half of Men’s Health articles are written by freelancers, making this a good website to pitch your ideas.

Men’s Health also pays well when it comes to freelance travel articles. Feature articles must be between 1,200 and 4,000 words and the pay ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. They also accept submissions for shorter article between 100 and 300 words for which they pay $100 to $500.

In-Flight Magazines

Another option for travel writers is to write for airlines that offer in-flight magazines detailing destinations and trends in the airline industry. To write for these companies, you need to be published and adhere to a high standard when it comes to sourcing and sharing information. If you pitch to these companies, make sure to double check beforehand that they actually offer flights to any destinations you want to write about.

Delta Sky Magazine 

This publication focuses largely on updating information and providing new angles to classic vacation destinations. Payment varies and so does the length of articles with longer pieces at 600 to 2,000 words and shorter pieces from 100 to 500 words.


Lufthansa is Germany’s largest carrier and as such, their in-flight magazine features articles in both German and English. There isn’t much information regarding pay or article standards online, but contributors are encouraged to contact the editor directly. You can find that information here.

Air Canada En Route

This magazine accepts both short and long pieces like Delta’s in-flight magazine. They don’t specify exactly how much they pay, although they do state that pay can range up to $1CDN per word for certain submissions.

Final Tips for Becoming a Travel Writer

Some publications will pay hundreds of dollars while others will pay far less. Avoid writing for less than you think you are worth. It may be difficult to secure work at the beginning, but you will be grateful that you waited for the right project instead of selling yourself short and producing work you aren’t proud of. Make sure to build a strong portfolio and don’t get discouraged if an article submission is rejected or you don’t hear back from an editor.

Keep at it and work on constantly improving your writing. You can find great tips and tricks from some of the editors at theses magazines by doing a Google search and reading some of their interviews. It’s also useful to read multiple articles on these sites before submitting ideas to make sure that content doesn’t already exist and to ensure that you fit the preferred writing style. Travel writing can be a very rewarding job and it’s a great way to make money on the road.

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Navigating Digital Nomad Forums and Communities to make the Most of Location Independence https://locationindie.com/digital-nomad-forum/ Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:18:22 +0000 https://locationindie.com/?p=51774 Community is a central facet of the nomad lifestyle, and the digital nomad forum is the key to making the most of this lifestyle. Click through to learn how to benefit from the expertise and experience of others, and find like minded individuals to share your experiences with.

The post Navigating Digital Nomad Forums and Communities to make the Most of Location Independence appeared first on Location Indie.

For centuries, nomads have roamed the planet in search of better opportunities and personal growth. Even though nomads are an evolving population, ever changing and constantly moving, they’ve still been able to build tight-knit communities. These communities are unique in that their strength is not based on shared geography. What ties members together is their shared desire to experience everything the world has to offer through a nomadic lifestyle.

Nomad communities have evolved from small groups of traveling nomad families to a wide-ranging collection of modern individuals dispersed across the globe, who share similar lifestyle goals. These individuals can be extremely diverse, ranging from self-employed entrepreneurs in cosmopolitan cities to laid-back travellers experiencing van life. Some stay in one location long-term while others flit around from place to place as they see fit.

The great thing about these digital nomad communities is that each individual can be exactly who they are. There’s no need to dress alike or talk alike or really even think alike to fit in. The only requirement is an interest in the digital nomad lifestyle and how it can support their personal dreams and aspirations.

Digital nomad communities often share tips and advice for this lifestyle in forums and online communities. Here, we’ll go over a few types of these forums, explain how they’re integral to the location independent movement and give you some resources to find new connections.

pexels photo 696218

Different Types of Nomad Communities

Online Communities

Like our online community, these types of digital nomad platforms provide a wealth of knowledge for location independent workers. The benefit of this type of community is that you can benefit from them no matter where you are located. You can be in a ski chalet in Canada looking for tips on adjusting to the cold weather or laying in a hammock in Mexico looking for the best café to work from. Since these communities are entirely online, the answers to your digital nomad questions are always right at your fingertips.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are some of the best places to find information tailored to your specific needs. There are tons of digital nomad Facebook groups tailored to individuals who share a passion for the location independent lifestyle. The Global Digital Nomad Network is a great place to start if you’re trying to connect with digital nomads across the globe.

Many of these groups are niche-based so you can also join a community that is very specific to your situation. Groups like Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs are an ideal choice if you’re looking to start your own online business or if you’re already an entrepreneur looking to take your business on the road. Since these groups are tailored to certain types of nomads, it’s easy to find groups that are focused. You can find niche-oriented Facebook groups for everything from women-focused travel, like Girls Love Travel, to location-based groups like Chiang Mai Digital Nomads.

Online Forums

Digital nomad forums are question and answer sites where you can get solutions and ideas for everything from the best destinations for digital nomads to the companies that hire remote workers. The benefit of these forums is that you can communicate directly with other nomads on an individual private message basis, or post general queries to the entire community at large. These forums are typically visited by thousands of individuals so you can cast a wider net here when looking for information or resources than you would with a niche Facebook group.


Not all digital nomad resources are online. Meetups and coworking spaces (our next section) provide a physical destination for networking and connecting to others who subscribe to the digital nomad lifestyle.

One of the biggest downsides of the remote work lifestyle is that it’s easy to feel lonely without regular social interaction built into your routine. Meetups allow you to make friends with people who share the same interests as you, no matter where you are.

Websites like Meetup and InterNations make it easy to find everything from fitness groups to casual dining and holiday parties to keep you entertained and connected socially. You’ll be able to meet fellow nomads as well as members of the local community to further enrich your travels and experiences.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are components of the digital nomad community that make it easier not only to get work done, but to also meet other people like you. It’s a great way to share a pseudo-office space with like-minded people.

Coworking spaces typically have exceptional Internet so you can work and conduct business including conference calls and presentations when needed. They also often have standard office equipment like copy machines and printers, which make life on the road lighter and easier for entrepreneurs.

The best coworking spaces feature a variety of work environments from small, quiet private offices so you can focus to large community working spaces where you can interact with other nomads.

You’ll find coworking spaces all over the globe, but they are particularly popular in digital nomad hotspots like Chiang Mai, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. You can check out some of the most popular coworking spaces and ask around in online communities to see if there is one in your desired destination.

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Resources for Joining Forums and Communities

We’ve mentioned quite a few resources already when it comes to finding digital nomad forums and communities where you can get answers to your questions and connect with like-minded individuals. Here, we’ll show you some of the big name communities and forums for digital nomads. Whether you’re in Europe, Asia or another far-flung region of the globe, these resources invaluable for helping you  stay connected. There’s a reason they are so popular among digital nomads; check them out for yourself and see why!


Reddit is one of the most popular forums for many special interest groups, and digital nomads are no exception. It’s a free community where you can find threads on everything from politics to questions on how to become a digital nomad.

You can ask questions about how to find remote jobs or on the more nuanced topics of digital nomadism like how to open a bank account or finding the best grocery store in your new home. You can upvote and downvote answers and topics posted by other members of the community.

It’s important to note that Reddit, like other open forums, has certain rules you need to follow and that responses to your queries can occasionally be negative. Each individual thread can create its own rules so if you’re trying to share your website in a Reddit post, make sure that this is allowed before doing so. Some members of the Reddit community can be intense or direct, so remember to focus on the answers that are helpful to you and avoid the ones that are not.

Digital Nomads Forum

Known as the #1 free community for digital nomads, this forum divides digital nomad topics into aesthetically pleasing categories that make it easy to navigate the website. You can find discussions on everything from the best travel gear to currency and visa laws and even just share your travel experiences. With a focus on positive sharing and making the forum experience fun, this is a great resource for beginners and experienced nomads alike.


Known more for its usefulness in selecting new destinations based on rating criteria, NomadList doesn’t get enough credit for creating and advocating for a fun digital nomad community. With the tagline “find your place” and an easily searchable forum, this site really is all about helping you carve out your place in the digital nomad movement.

NomadList is one of the best sites to find detailed information on location-specific questions. You’ll find curated information on things like finding the best cell phone plans in a particular country or what it’s like to work from a specific city. The community on NomadList is full of experts so you’ll have no trouble finding high-quality answers to all of your digital nomad questions.

Location Indie

You didn’t think we’d forget to include our forum, did you?! In our community, you can share experiences with fellow nomads and get answers to all your questions 24/7. We offer a premium community where you can collaborate and interact with people who appreciate the location independent lifestyle just like you do.

Our community focuses on making meaningful connections and fostering collaboration among community members. We offer four exclusive events per month, including training and Q&A with experts in many areas related to online business and travel, plus opportunities to meet fellow members both online and offline, create mastermind groups to help take your digital nomad lifestyle to the next level, and much more. The focus here is on making great connections in fun online hangouts to help you kick ass in both business and travel!

Digital Nomad Forum: Make the most of the location independent lifestyle

Join the Digital Nomad Community

Digital nomad forums and communities are great places to connect with like-minded individuals and get answers to all of your questions surrounding the location independent lifestyle. These communities and forums are a great way to overcome the disadvantage of becoming lonely when travelling so much.

You can choose one of these communities or use them all to create the perfect blend of work and play communities to suit your digital nomadism. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll enjoy your travels and this lifestyle so much more knowing that you have a support team just a few clicks away. Get moving, enjoy the community and discover what true freedom is really like by becoming location independent.

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Best Freelance Websites to Find Remote Work https://locationindie.com/best-freelance-websites-to-find-remote-work/ Thu, 15 Mar 2018 11:00:34 +0000 https://locationindie.com/?p=51763 Freelancers have so many options for finding work, some of which offer general opportunities, and others are specific to certain skills and disciplines. If you're looking for the best freelance websites to find remote work, this is the resource for you!

The post Best Freelance Websites to Find Remote Work appeared first on Location Indie.

When it comes to finding remote work, most people head over to a freelance website or remote job board. You’re probably familiar with some of the big names like We Work Remotely and Upwork, but what about if you are looking for newer sites or ones geared toward a specific niche? Finding the best freelance website depends on your needs and skillset.

In today’s digital nomad world, freelancers have so many more options than just these general interest websites. This list of the best freelance websites to find remote work distinguishes the mainstream companies from sites that cater to specific industries, and highlights some interesting newcomers that are looking to change the way we find freelance work.

Best Mainstream Freelance Websites


Formerly known as Odesk, Upwork is the website most people think of first when they’re looking for  freelance work online. With over 3 million jobs posted annually, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular freelancing sites. Upwork allows you to bid on freelance gigs ranging from editing novels to running entire social media divisions for companies. Upwork takes a commission from each employment arrangement and helps to facilitate payments. You can opt for the free version which limits the number of bids you can make each month, or sign up for one of the paid plans if you want unlimited bids.


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can offer your services in everything from graphic design to music and audio and even programming and tech. Most starting gigs are lower paying than on other sites until you build a clientele and references. The website even gets its name from a host of freelance gigs offered for just $5 a pop. It can be an easy way to get started and build your portfolio, and you can earn more money by offering packaged services. Potential clients can see your past work and reviews from previous clients – so if you do a great job, it’s easy to build a wider clientele.


Similar to Upwork, Guru uses a bid service to connect potential freelancers with employers across the globe. Guru also takes a commission, but this can vary from 4.95% up to 8.95% depending on your membership level. With over 250,000,000 paid to freelancers already, there are plenty of gigs on the site to get you started with remote work. The best thing about Guru is that you can choose how you want to be paid: you can request payment after reaching pre-set milestones, by the hour and even by task.


Flexjobs is a site that aggregates freelance gigs from multiple companies and prides itself on offering only hand-screened jobs. With this screening process, you don’t have to worry about scams or low-paying gigs like you do on other freelance sites. You’ll find postings for everything from SEO specialists to freelance developers and government contractors on this site.

Unlike most of the previous sites, Flexjobs doesn’t have a free membership option. Now you might be a little hesitant about paying just to scroll through job listings, but the benefit is that you will see higher quality jobs and face lower competition. You can still view job listings for free to get an idea of whether the site may be a good fit for your needs. If you decide to sign up for a membership, prices range from $5 per month up to $15 per month.


PeoplePerHour is similar to Fiverr in that it’s a freelance marketplace where you can offer your skills and services to potential clients at your chosen price. There are opportunities here for every level of employment from entry level to intermediate and experts. They even have a section known as Hourlies where you can offer packaged services for a higher rate than you usually get on Fiverr.


At iFreelance, you pay a monthly fee in order to create a profile and bid on projects from potential clients. With job categories including accounting, business consulting and marketing, there are plenty of industries and freelance gigs to keep you busy. Since iFreelance has less of a cult following than some of these other mainstream websites, there will be less competition, making this a great freelance platform for beginners.

pexels photo 245032

Best New Freelance Websites

Work Market

Work Market is an emerging freelance website that even has a mobile app – something most of these other sites don’t have. You can easily search for freelance opportunities and you can even process payments when your projects close through the app. Work Market also guarantees payment for freelancers, so you don’t have to worry about a client skipping out on payment. Used by big players such as Walgreens, Work Market’s labor clouds are great at connecting freelancers with good paying gigs and long-term work.


Similar to LinkedIn, Coworks has recruiters who actively work to match freelancers with potential gigs and clients. You can create an online portfolio that can be private or shared publicly so other recruiters can find you. This website takes a new approach to freelance gigs by connecting talent with employers rather than simply serving as an online job board. If you need a little extra support if your freelance job-hunt, this website is a good resource.


You may have noticed by now that a lot of these freelance websites take a commission if you secure an employment contract. The great thing about LocalSolo is that they fund their business by charging fees to employers, rather than job seekers. With this website, you can set your own fees and keep every last penny. The catch is that you have to submit an application, and be accepted, in order to keep your entire fee. The idea is that employers are paying for curated talent, not just searching through a marketplace.

You can find jobs on LocalSolo in three different ways. Potential clients can contact you directly if they find your portfolio interesting, you can bid on jobs that are posted daily, and LocalSolo recruiters can also contact you for potential gigs. LocalSolo is also a bit different from these other sites in that you can contact other freelancers on the site and join forces to apply to a project together, making it a more collaborative marketplace.


To find gigs using Konsus, you need to submit to their screening process before you are allowed to bid on projects. Konsus focuses on providing steady work opportunities so you don’t have to constantly keep searching for new gigs once one ends. One of the biggest complaints for freelancers is that work can be spotty, so this website may offer an ideal solution if you can get in. One thing to note with Konsus is that they feature fixed hourly prices that can’t be negotiated so this may not be ideal depending on your skills and salary desires.

Working Not Working

Used by some of the biggest names in the game including Google, Apple, Facebook and Airbnb, this website offers freelance gigs at some of the most desirable companies. In order to use this website, you’ll need to be at the top of your game as they only offer jobs to the top 10% of applicants. All applicants are “obsessively curated”, and the website is highly selective, so this is an ideal platform for experts and professionals. Most of the job postings are in advertising, design, technology, production and animation.


This site is the perfect resource for those who want to “work remotely and travel the world”, as the company’s mission states. Whether you’re after a position as an online English teacher, or want to further your career in management, the site has something for everyone from entry level positions to remote VPs. Sort by keyword, region, and job category to find the perfect remote work opportunity for you.

Best Freelance Websites for Web Developers


Toptal is a top-notch freelance website that accepts only the top 3% of applicants in the fields of web development, design, finance and consulting. If you qualify, you’ll be connected with some of the best companies in the industry and join freelance projects that not only pay well, but also add substantial credibility to your resume. This website is also popular for projects looking for engineers, project managers and freelance graphic designers.


Codeable specializes in WordPress development projects, so if you’re a whizz at WordPress, this is a great place to find freelance work suited to your skills. Similar to other freelance websites in this category, Codeable is very selective when it comes to applicants. The only accept 2% of applicants and by doing so, guarantee only the highest quality freelancers for employers. The minimum hourly rate on this site is $60 per hour and freelancers can peruse job postings and offer their own fees.

Best Freelance Websites for Writers and Editors


Hired is technically a traditionally job board offering an array of opportunities for 9-5 positions, but they’ve also recently built out their site to accommodate freelance trends. You can easily search for full-time, remote or contract work depending on what your preferences are. The website also makes it easy to search for jobs worldwide including France, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. With so much flexibility and a visually pleasing interface, this website is a useful tool for freelancers and digital nomads looking for new gigs across the globe.

What makes this website ideal for writers, editors and translators is that Hired connects you to jobs based on skills and other personal information you enter into your profile. With a curated network of job opportunities tailored to suit your expertise, it’s easy to find your next freelance writing gigs.


Scripted is the writing world’s version of TopTal, featuring only the most high-caliber writers. Scripted only accepts the top 2% of writer applicants, making this an ideal site if you have writing skills and are looking for higher-priced and more intricate jobs. Scripted curates applicants mainly for roles in writing blog posts, creating email newsletters, social media management and website copy. Potential clients can contact you directly via message or schedule a call and Scripted offers an online review and editing platform to streamline the writing process.


TextMaster is a freelance website that focuses on the European market for translators and copywriters. They offer direct contact with potential clients and ensure payment via PayPal or Payoneer within 7 to 14 days. The website also features their own work platform where you can enter translations, back them up in the cloud and even access interactive glossaries when writing.

Freelance writers often encounter gigs or opportunities that are low paying and that problem has only increased in recent years. TextMaster aims to resolve this problem by using a fixed price-per-word model. While this can have disadvantages depending on the caliber of your work and your desired rate, it can also be beneficial in avoiding those low-ball, flat rate freelance gigs.

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Best Freelance Websites for Photographers


With the advent of Instagram and Facebook, it seems like everyone is a photographer these days. SmartShoot is a company whose mission is to find the best photographers to efficiently create stunning images for some of the world’s leading brands. Potential clients can contact you directly if they like your work or can create a project and open it to all members of the SmartShoot community to apply. This freelance platform also features an online collaboration tool that easily enables you to share your images with the client so you can edit and make changes seamlessly together.


Skyword is a freelance website that works with photographers, videographers, web designers and writers to create and market content for important clients including Fortune 100 companies. Many of these opportunities have the potential for high earnings, but the company doesn’t restrict applicants like some of the other elite freelance websites do.

To join, all you need to do is submit a portfolio, which is then assessed by the in-house management team. The team will then recommend positions that may be a good fit and will advanced qualified candidates through a more in-depth vetting process that guarantees more consistent work. Since all gig connections are tied directly to your portfolio, it’s important to take the time and effort to make sure it showcases the best of you skills.

Best Freelance Websites for Gigs


This is a newer freelance website that is excellent for finding work as a performer, bartender, or other form of entertainment for parties, conferences and festivals. You can build a profile page where you can share video and audio files showing off your skills. There is a free membership option where the company takes a 5% commission or you can opt for one of two paid membership programs if you book multiple gigs per year. With GigSalad, you can book freelance entertainment gigs for everything from weddings to concerts.


Whether you’re walking dogs as a side hustle or moonlighting as a design consultant, this freelance website is the place to go to find gigs. If you have woodworking skills or create artisan crafts, there are tons of gigs in just about every category you can think of. If you are only looking for jobs occasionally, you can use the free version of the website or if you are looking for recurring work, you can sign up for their $200 a year pro membership.


If you love cooking food and want to share your delicious treats while making money, CookUnity is the freelance site for you. The great thing about this site is that you don’t need to be a professional – you can sign up as a chef or as simply someone who cooks delicious food. The only downside to this freelance site is that it is only available in New York City right now. With a brilliant idea like this one, there are bound to be similar websites that pop up in your area and CookUnity is a perfect example of how diverse the freelance market has become.

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Working Remotely As A Freelancer

Finding work can often be the most difficult part of becoming a digital nomad. Once you’ve got one or several income streams, the rest can fall into place. You can start picking out your favorite destinations and tying up loose ends like finding health insurance. With these websites, you’ll gain access to a wider job market and increase your chances of finding that freelance gig that will help you become location independent.

If you need a little support along the way, join our community where you’ll get 24/7 access to digital nomads like you. They can offer tips on how to find freelance work, become an entrepreneur and build your own online business or help with the more intricate tasks of becoming a digital nomad.

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Remote Part Time Jobs That Let You Work From Anywhere In the World https://locationindie.com/remote-part-time-jobs/ Tue, 13 Mar 2018 11:00:04 +0000 https://locationindie.com/?p=51755 Whatever reason underlies your desire to work part-time, there are tons of remote work opportunities out there. Before you start your remote job search, it's important to understand what exactly remote work entails - and where to find the right-fitting remote part time job for you.

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For some people, part-time remote work is all about having a more flexible schedule, or they simply want to spend a few months of the year somewhere warmer. Maybe as a new digital nomad, you’re looking to get your feet wet and see what the job market has to offer or perhaps you’re looking to hop around from country to country while working.

Whatever reason underlies your desire to work part-time, there are tons of remote work opportunities out there. Before you start your remote job search, it’s important to understand what exactly remote work entails. Here, we’ll help you understand what remote work actually means and show you some companies that hire specifically for part-time remote workers.

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Understanding Remote Location Jobs

You’ve likely heard about remote jobs on the news or from social media where influencers post amazing stories of how they quit the rat race and started working from home or on the road. While there are some realities when it comes to working from home, these remote jobs offer incredible freedom and flexibility to pursue your passions and see the world.

When people talk about remote work, they largely mean jobs that allow employees to work from home or any other place they see fit. However, there is a slight difference between some of these remote or telecommuting positions.

Telecommuting Jobs

Telecommuting or telework jobs generally mean that while the position is largely home-based, there may be some on-site work required of the employee. This can range from coming into the office once per week or simply attending a work conference every quarter or once per year. The level of on-site work will depend largely on the employer so it’s important to have a discussion with the hiring manager when settling on the final terms of your remote work or telecommuting contract.

Remote Work

The term remote work generally means that the employee lives and works outside of the area where the company’s headquarters or office spaces are located. These work-from-home jobs don’t necessarily mean that you have to work from your home. While some companies that hire remote workers such as Apple or American Express require a specific setup for remote employees, many remote employers let their hires work from anywhere including coffee shops and coworking spaces.

Since many of these terms are used interchangeably, it’s useful to use a variety of terms when looking for location independent jobs. Make sure to look for both telecommute and remote jobs when conducting your job search to make sure you see all of the opportunities out there. Read on to find a smattering of companies that hire remote workers for part-time jobs.

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Companies That Hire For Remote Part Time Jobs

In the past, we’ve written about companies that hire remote workers so you can build your career and travel the world at the same time.

Here, we’ll show you some companies that hire for part-time remote employees so you can choose how much you want to work or if you want to work for several clients while adventuring across the globe. Since many of these are just part time positions, you may not receive a comprehensive benefits package or will need to look into health insurance options for digital nomads if you make these positions the base of your location independent lifestyle.

1. Great AuPair

Becoming an aupair is a great way to travel and work abroad, but if you prefer to work on the coordination of these travel experiences, Great AuPair is an excellent option. Great AuPair is the world’s largest online nanny services agency and offers remote part-time positions for company ambassadors, services managers and local childcare coordinators. Many positions are located in Europe, but you can also find offerings in Canada and North America if you’re so inclined. You’ll help people like you find remote positions and enable them to integrate into the local community, take care of a host family’s children and learn about new cultures and people.

2. K12

If you have a teaching credential and enjoy working with children, K12 is a company that offers both location based and virtual teaching positions from kindergarten through high school. Virtual teaching positions cover subjects from science and math to foreign language and most virtual class sizes are kept to a maximum of 20. You’ll be responsible for teaching a minimum of 6 hours per week, grading all student coursework and creating your own lesson plans. Since these are part-time jobs, you can work them in conjunction with other remote jobs, as there are no restrictions on additional jobs in the employment contract.

3. LanguageLine Solutions

This company is the world’s largest employer of professional interpreters and offers remote opportunities for interpreters that are both video and phone based. With interpretation services for over 240 languages, you’re sure to find a niche that will fit your language skills whether you’re fluent in English, German, Somali or another more obscure language. They also work with deaf and hard-of-hearing clients so if you are an expert in sign language, this could be a great opportunity for part-time remote employment. Their job listings are mainly in industries such as healthcare, government and business and the company also offers resources and career advice for part-time employees as well as full-time positions.

4. Alere

Alere is a global medical devices company that produces products for the healthcare industry. Alere has a massive presence across the globe and maintains offices in various United States locations including California and Florida as well as internationally in Canada, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Many of their positions offer a telecommute option so make sure to ask the recruiter if this in an option for your desired position. Some past remote part-time job titles included offerings for senior marketing managers, senior software developers, analysts and account executives.

5. VocoVision

If you have a background in health or psychology, you can join the emerging telemedicine market with VocoVision, a website that makes it easy to find remote part-time jobs in industries such as nursing and psychiatry. Their teletherapy job types include things such as speech therapy, tele sign language and school psychology positions. Some of these jobs will require you to come on site occasionally, while others allow 100% work-from-home opportunities so make sure to read the fine print when applying for positions.

6. Appen

Appen is an online marketing company that hires for work from home positions on a short-term project basis as well as for longer full-time jobs in the corporate sector. Most of Appen’s part-time jobs are for social media evaluators and web search evaluators. Since these projects are usually short-term, you may need to work on several to piece together a bigger income and you’ll also need to be flexible and open to constantly starting new projects for different clients. Appen offers these positions worldwide so you’ll find several in different regions of Europe as well as the United States.

7. WorldWide 101

WorldWide 101 believes there is a better alternative to ‘business as usual’ and consists of a talented team of individuals who all work virtually from home. These remote part-time jobs are geared towards individuals with strong professional backgrounds in administration, marketing and project management. WorldWide 101 hires in many continents including Europe and the USA, but many of the positions depend largely on the preferred work time zone of the employer.

8. Working Solutions

This company focuses on connecting remote workers with various employers looking for part-time workers that can work from home. Most remote positions are in customer-facing job categories such as customer service representatives and help desk support agents, but there are also some opportunities for consultants, data entry specialists and server administrators. The job search website offers support for employees from training and preparation for remote positions to salary negotiation services.

9. Kaplan

Internationally recognized as the leaders in test prep, Kaplan offers numerous remote and part-time positions ranging from higher and professional education to language learning services. To join the Kaplan team, you’ll need to have at minimum a Bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience. Kaplan also sometimes hires for part-time positions in operations and management as well as marketing, sales and customer service.

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Start Working Remotely

Now that you have an idea of what remote work really means and know some companies that hire specifically for part-time remote employees, you can better conduct your job search. Becoming location independent has no one specific path to success. Some start out as entrepreneurs while others slowly ease into the lifestyle by piecing together one or two remote part-time jobs.

Whatever path you decide works for you, being location independent brings true freedom and the opportunity to live and work from wherever you want. For more information on the location independent lifestyle, join our community. You’ll get 24/7 access to other digital nomads just like yourself and find exceptional resources for everything from finding part-time remote jobs to learning how to cope with the changes being location independent can bring about.

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