From Debt-Ridden to 6-Figures in Revenue and an Awesome Location Indie Lifestyle

Heath's story

Heath Armstrong joined Location Indie in its infancy in February of 2015 and burst into the community full of motivation and ambition. 

Heath Intro

In his introduction, he wrote, “My daily money hustle is in civil engineering, and I hate every minute of it. I sell wholesale chemicals to construction applications, but it allows me to support myself while diving into the entrepreneurial world…. I haven't really established an absolute direction I want to head in. I joined Location Indie to find a direction and learn how to capitalize.” 

Over the next several months, Heath worked like a madman on various projects. As each project fizzled to nothingness, he could have given up in frustration. 

However, through his podcast, Heath had interviewed many creative entrepreneurs and learned the principles of success from them. He honed a daily regimen consisting of meditation, completing at least two freedom actions toward his goals, brainstorming ideas, writing down the things he was grateful for, simplifying his life by eliminating most of his belongings and distractions, tracking his wins, and repeating affirmations. 

Key Takeaway: What’s distracting you? How can you simplify your life to create clarity and focus around your goals?

Jason and other community members also helped Heath decide which things were most important to focus on. He hired several people in the community to help him with various aspects of his business. 

Ultimately, Heath started doing online arbitrage, buying products and selling them at a profit through Amazon. It worked. Over the next few months, he stuck through the learning curve and became an Amazon FBA expert. 

10K status update

Heath sold more every month and found ways to automate and outsource the process to free up more time to follow his passions. He generously shared his knowledge in the Location Indie forums, and ultimately conducted a comprehensive live Q&A session for the whole community. This valuable training lives on and remains one of the most watched videos in the LI library. 

Key Takeaway: Keep persevering! You may try and fail at several different ideas before you find the one that works. 

Now Heath only spends about an hour per day on the Amazon gig. He hit $100,000 in sales in both November and December and continues to scale the business. During our recent annual “Rosebud” call with the LI community, where we review the previous year and make plans for the next, Heath shared his “roses” (wins) for 2016:

Heaths Roses


Heath is an avid fan of Location Indie. A year ago, in February of 2016, he had a message to share. 

"If you think you're the only one out there, you're not,” he said. “There are more people like you and because of a group like this I have been able to drastically change my life." 

When he joined, Heath was lost in a sea of multiple projects--podcasting, web design, and creating and failing at multiple businesses that he wasn't even passionate about. "Now I'm a completely different person in a completely different situation." 

Heath joined up with several other Location Indie members in person at the World Domination Summit.

WDS 2015

Heath continues to tap into the community. He used it to gather feedback on cover designs for his Sweet Ass Journal and for his latest project, The Sweet Ass Domination Deck of affirmation cards. 


When Heath joined Location Indie, he lived in Lexington, Kentucky, and hated it. 


He hadn’t yet ventured outside the U.S. The summer after joining the community, Heath and his girlfriend flew to Thailand and Cambodia, helped along by advice and support from LI. 


In 2016, Heath was able to officially “retire” his career and become fully location independent! He fulfilled his dream to move to the Pacific Northwest with his fiancee. 

“I’ve got pups so it’s hard to ‘stay gone’,” Heath says. Nevertheless, in addition to the cross-country move, Heath toured the national parks all over the country, went to Africa and trekked some glaciers and ice caves, and spent part of December in the Dominican Republic! 

More recently, Heath has moved to Portland, gone to South Africa and Uganda for a month, and spent some time in Costa Rica and France.

From being trapped in a soul-sucking career to traveling around the world and operating a thriving business while also helping other people live awesome lives, Heath inspires the whole Location Indie community!