How One Woman Quit Her Job And Went Location Indie

Jean's story

Jean was one of the first members to sign up for Location Indie two years ago...

In February of 2015. She worked as a technical trainer for a startup in California.

Though Jean worked online most of the time, she was not location independent. Before joining Location Indie, Jean mostly worked at home and listened to Trav and Jason's podcasts on commute days. She felt inspired. 

“I realized you don't have to have it all figured out beforehand. There's so many tips about saving money on flights and accommodation… Jason and Travis basically brainwashed me with their podcasts,” she jokes.

Key Takeaway: If you wait for everything to line up perfectly before you pursue the life of your dreams, you may never escape! You don’t have to have it all figured out beforehand.

On September 18, 2015, Jean became nomadic! She shared the exciting news with the Location Indie community:

With the help of an accountability partner in Location Indie, Jean launched her travel blog,

Despite a full travel itinerary that took her through many countries in Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, and more, Jean launched a product next: a travel course designed to encourage people to travel and get past all the excuses. She set up the course through 22social - an integrated sales & marketing hub.

Jean then realized she wanted to work with women her age to pursue their passions for travel, creativity and self-exploration. In July of 2016 she launched Freedom Past 50 on Facebook to serve this audience.

Key Takeaway: In your location independent business, one thing will often lead to another. Keep the momentum going!


Jean’s journey hasn't been without its challenges. “Ever got flak about taking up the nomad lifestyle?” she asked the community one day in August 2016.

Jean shared that two dear people in her life expressed doubt, unhappiness and offense about her decision to live an unconventional life. 

"But you know what? I have never been so happy. I know my path is the right one for me….Thank you for listening and sending good nomad juju my way!"

Key Takeaway: You may have people in your life who don’t support your location independent lifestyle. Do what is right for YOU and stay true to who you are!

The Location Indie community responded with their typical outpouring of understanding, support, and encouragement. Not everyone understands the lifestyle this community embraces! 

Jean says Location Indie is a great community. “There's so many resources in Location Indie; I've probably only tapped a small percentage of them. I got so much of what I needed before I left… Any question I have, any resource I need, it's right there.” 


Initially, Jean planned to travel for six months. Her first adventure took her through Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. After the planned six months, Jean returned to California for a month, then decided to keep traveling.

She headed south through Mexico and embarked on the Nomad Cruise from Cartagena to Lisbon. She traveled through Portugal and Spain, house sat in rural France ("Off the charts awesome!"), then traveled some more through Rotterdam, Scotland, and back to California. 

In September, Jean began traveling through Latin America. In October 2016, the Location Indie staff selected Jean as the member of the month and interviewed her. At the time of the interview, she was sitting in a cafe in Medellín and gushing about her new life, thoroughly enjoying her first extended trip through Latin America. 

On September 18, 2016, after being all over the world, Jean said she had been in Bolivia, at Lake Titicaca. 

“I hiked up to 4,000 meters on Isla Del Sol... The last 150 meters I took it really slow because I wasn’t used to the altitude, but I made it to the top at sunset and commemorated my one year anniversary of being location independent. It was awesome!” 

Key Takeaway: Celebrate your wins!

Jean winter collage

Since January of 2017 Jean has spent 8 months in Bulgaria, enjoying a long term house sit in the Stara Planina mountains and eventually becoming a member of the dynamic Coworking Bansko community in the Pirin mountains. "Bulgaria has been terrific for enjoying nature, appreciating a culture with deep roots and great food, and having a local tribe--not to mention crazy cheap living and great WiFi!" In Bansko she is coaching as well as teaching ESL online. Next stop: Transylvania! 

Key Takeaway: Find a fun and cheap place to set up for a few months while you grow your location independent business!

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