These Location Indie Graduates Travel the World in Search of Delicious Food

Claire and Rosemary's story

Claire and Rosemary, partners in business and in life and co-founders of Authentic Food Quest, joined Location Indie in May of 2016.  

A year before joining, the women worked in tiring corporate jobs. 

“To be honest, this was a leap of faith…. We wanted to ‘take control’ and create a business around our lifestyle. We love to travel and to eat and discover local foods, so we decided to combine our two passions and make a business out of it,” they wrote in their introductory thread in the community forum. 

Key Takeaway: Combine your skills and passions to create something unique that your tribe will love!

Claire and Rosemary planned to become location independent in 2016, but resigned from their jobs around April of 2015. They had two months to sell their things. In August of 2015 they flew to South America to test the mobile lifestyle and the experience of working together 24/7 on a business from the road. They loved it!

In July of 2016, Claire and Rosemary announced the release of their book, Authentic Food Quest Argentina: A Guide to Eat Your Way Authentically Through Argentina:

AFQ Book Announcement

“Lots of people ask, ‘What should I do? What can I sell?’” observes Claire. “We're still figuring things out, but the key is to get started with something, because you never know what the thing is that will work. It doesn't have to be perfect but it's important to get going and to figure things out as you go…” 

Key Takeaway: Don’t become paralyzed information overload or by indecision. Just start something now and adjust course along the way! 

“And to surround yourself with people who share the mindset is really key,” adds Rosemary. “We have a great, great group of folks in LI, so surround yourself with those people in the community and support each other.” 


LI Meetup in Paris

By the time Claire and Rosemary returned to the US from South America, they were changed people. They discovered they could no longer fully relate to their friends in the States, still stuck in the routine of their corporate jobs. 

“The idea to connect with location independents and find people who had the same lifestyle was really important to us,” said Claire. 

Then they discovered Location Indie. Until then, they hadn’t had a supportive group, but that changed almost immediately with LI. “We find people are very open to sharing and supporting each other,” they said. 

The Authentic Food Quest ladies joined a mastermind group within LI. They loved the support, the sharing of ideas and resources, the accountability, and the ability to ask any questions in the community. 

“It is our first time as self-published authors, so we had a lot of questions,” Rosemary said. “There’s a lot of information online, but it’s not always consistent…. We had a great call with Jason, who talked us through how he launched his book on house sitting. We followed up with Julian who launched his book (Body Architect) recently… So we had that additional support… We had a food blog radio guy who is a member of Location Indie feature us on his podcast, too.” 

The women immersed themselves in the community formed around something they both love. “As we're moving around and we don't have that ongoing support, we know that we can always count on Location Indie." 

Key Takeaway: The location independent lifestyle can be lonely, and we need each other to succeed. Don’t try to do everything on your own. Connect with a like-minded group of people and support each other!

In September 2016, Claire and Rosemary arranged an in-person Location Indie meetup with another member in Paris. It's one of many face-to-face LI meetups that have been held around the world since the birth of the community.


Claire and Rosemary want to travel to every continent and were especially interested in Asia, but they chose South America as their first destination so they could test the lifestyle. Claire spoke some Spanish, and they already had some connections on the continent. 

“We traveled to Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru and spent six months discovering the authentic foods in the region,” they wrote. 

Claire and Rosemary in Peru

In their quest to find delicious authentic foods, the women experienced many wonderful meals in South America. The lifestyle of exploring the world and seeking out wonderful food agreed with Claire and Rosemary. 

“After our first 6 months, we are happy to say that we enjoyed our experience tremendously and we want to make this lifestyle sustainable,” said the ladies when they introduced themselves to the LI community. So they made it happen! 

After several months back in the U.S., Claire and Rosemary flew to Paris to catch up with more friends and family for a few days. From there, they announced, “our next quest is to travel in Southeast Asia.” 

They went from Paris, to the Philippines, to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, where they showcased the local foods on their blog. 

Claire and Rosemary in Vietnam

Claire and Rosemary recognize that people enjoy different aspects of travel. Some like nature. Some like museums. “But at the end of the day, everybody’s gotta eat,” they pointed out. 

Key Takeaway: “When you ask the locals, ‘What are the specialties?’ ‘What should I not miss?’ ‘What is from this region?’ …you get to connect on a much much deeper level than when you go to pizza hut or subway that you find all over the world...." says Rosemary. "We invite people to think through their travels and approach them through food.”

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Watch for their newest book: Authentic Food Quest Peru

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