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Does your current mindset gear more towards the corporate employee or the entrepreneur? What difference does it actually make?

We are getting into the shift from employee to entrepreneur mindset, why it matters, how to think about things differently, and tips and tricks to make the change less jarring. This process takes time so be kind to yourself and hopefully, you can gain some insights into what you can expect therefore making the journey a little easier.

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In This Episode:

  • 05:00 This Isn’t Something That Happens Quickly
  • 06:05 The Biggest Mindset Shift Is…
  • 08:40 What Are You Giving Up?
  • 12:15 Time Doesn’t Equal Productivity
  • 15:25 There Is No Right Answer
  • 19:10 You Have The Freedom To Experiment & Try Stuff
  • 22:08 Creating Your Own Destiny



“Entrepreneurship is one of the sneakiest self-development tools out there.” [5:40]

“There’s no ceiling on your income” [10:08]

“Money isn’t tied to time but time doesn’t equal productivity” [12:15]

“In the hierarchy of a company, there is going to be someone over you telling you if that was done correctly or not, and when you are an entrepreneur you are that person making those calls.” [17:13]

“When your an entrepreneur your confidence comes from building something didn’t exist before & then serving those clients or customers & the feedback coming from them” [20:37]


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