Why Join Location Indie?

The location independent and travel lifestyle is unique, just like you. That's why it's so tough finding others who are carving their own path in life. 

Location Indie is your home. A place to connect on a meaningful level with other people and gain the knowledge you need to achieve the freedom to travel the world AND earn a great living doing something you love.

When you become a member you'll get:

  • 24/7 access to the Location Indie community forum and global live chat area
  • Access to the Launchpad Lifestyle Business Foundation Course (value $497)
  • Monthly members only workshops
  • Monthly expert Q&A's on lifestyle business and travel
  • Invitatations to mastermind matchmaking sessions
  • Instant access to our entire training library - 25+ hours of video and audio (value $1997)
  • Live Online Gatherings. You can meet other members and be held accountable
  • In person meet ups around the world

We only open up Location Indie to new members a few times a year.

Sorry, our community is currently closed to new members. If you'd love to meet a bunch of amazing people and launch your new lifestyle sign up below to stay in touch. We'll let you know when we open up again plus you'll get our exclusive newsletter, jam packed with stuff to help you live, work and travel anywhere.

Our Community Speaks

“Because of a group like this I have been able to drastically change my life.”


Leaving his 9-5 job in a month and hitting the road

“With the knowledge, the idea sharing and the support, I have been developing location independent income streams using my skills.”


Biked through Europe, working remotely in the UK

“I needed to reinvent my work so I could take it on the road...”


Traveling the world with her husband

“I'm location independent thanks to Location Indie.”


Living in Argentina

“Being a nomad sounds rough...but surrounded with a community everything seems easier”


Journalist and Writer in Mexico

“You have a community who are excited about traveling and excited about sharing their stories."


Travel lover, working towards location independence

“It's been one of the most awesome things that has happened to me...”


Living in an RV around the USA

“I quit my job, I went location independent...   


On a 6 month round the world adventure

More Goodness...

“Location Indie is a valuable experience you just really can't put a price on.”


Wandering Freelancer & Location Indie Member

“The whole thing has provided me with the support I cannot get from family members and certain friends.”


Freelancer & Location Indie Member

Thanks to everyone here who always provides motivation, support and inspiration!"


Travel Photographer & Location Indie Member

"My wife and I saved up 1.8 million miles and points, and we're using them to travel the world full-time! "


Travel Vlogger and Location Indie Member

“I've learned so much since I've joined this community, you all are awesome!"


Freelancer & Location Indie Member

"Hands down, the best part of LI is the people involved! They’re not only comrades in travel but also funny, friendly, intelligent and motivated."


Nomad Accountant & Location Indie Member

Location Indie is currently closed to new members!

you can sign up now and we'll let you know when we open up again...


What if I need to cancel?

We hate when companies make canceling so freakin’ hard. When you join you’ll get all of the information you need to manage your subscription which means you can go in and cancel anytime you wish or you can simply send an email to team@locationindie.com with the subject ‘Cancel’. That’s it! Your membership starts on the day you join. Once your current billing cycle expires you won’t be billed starting the following billing cycle.

Can I quit after one month if it's not for me?

Yes but keep in mind, it takes time to get to know people, and for us to get to know you!

Location Indie is a friendly, tight-knit community and when people come and go it makes it hard to connect. 

Plus, if you are committed to building or growing your location independent lifestyle it takes more than a month and we want to see you reach all of your goals. We hope you don’t plan on leaving after a month because it won’t help you or the community.

Is the payment process safe and secure?

Absolutely, 100% safe and secure. Our payments are handled by Send Owl and Strip. If you want to learn more about our payment processor you can go here.

I am not "Location Independent", can I join the community?

We welcome all members who are actively working towards achieving Location Independence and want support from others on the same path. There are all types of people in the community from newbies to full time nomads running all sorts of unique businesses.

Having your own business is NOT a requirement. For example, some members freelance or have remote work agreements with employers. Many Location Indie’s do own businesses. Many also have ‘normal’ jobs and are working towards location independence and traveling in their spare time. It’s a great mix of amazing people!

Is this one of those courses that teaches me online business?

No, this is not a structured course, this is a community. Yes, you’ll get access to members only trainings (25+ worth) and resources in a variety of formats- written, audio, and video – that will help you become location independent and travel the world. But instead of passively learning you’ll also be participating in a living, growing, and engaging community where you’ll be able to interact with people who are out there doing it and not just talking about it.

Great, I'm ready! What happens after I sign up?

You’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need then have the opportunity to schedule a call with one of our community managers. We will have a chat and learn more about you in order to help you find the best resources in the community so you can get started right away.

Do you have any other questions? I could have sworn we answered them all! Anyway, if we missed something then please email us to team@locationindie.com and we’ll help you out.