Hi There! We can’t thank you enough for checking out Location Indie and coming here to learn more about who is behind all of this. (We always check out the ‘About’ pages on websites too!).

Anyway, that’s Trav on the left and Jason on the right.

Like you, we absolutely love traveling, and have a true passion for helping others discover different ways to explore the world.

Back in the day, we had a hard time finding other people looking to travel more and work from anywhere.

Through our experience running location independent businesses, we discovered that the key to happiness and success was having a like-minded community of friends to lean on for support, advice and to share some laughs with. That’s why Location Indie was born.

We look forward to meeting you on the inside. In the meantime, read more about the team that makes this community a reality!


Trav & Jason

Jason Moore


After college, I was clueless about pretty much everything including how to realize a dream to travel the world. Having little money and over $20,000 in student debt didn’t help.

Not one to give up easy (except when I attempt to run long distances) I started traveling just two months later and spent the majority of the last nearly two decades exploring the planet.

Trav and I started this community because we know that getting around other like-minded people on the same path just plain works. Not to mention it’s a TON of fun.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for being here and allowing us to be a part of your unique journey.

Travis Sherry


Five years ago, I was living in Japan and knew I wanted to travel more. But there was no way I could travel as much as I wanted to on a teacher’s salary.

So I started learning about all the ways to travel for less, including the golden goose: frequent flyer miles.

In three short years, I was able to earn over 2 million frequent flyer miles and travel to over 25 countries, all for much less than I ever dreamed.

I started Extra Pack of Peanuts and Location Indie to share this knowledge with the world as well as create an online business that I could run from anywhere, including the beach in Thailand.

Today I’m thrilled to welcome new members to the world of location independence and excited to see our community grow and thrive.


Community Wizard

A jack of all trades, master of some! I’m the community manager/wizard here at Location Indie but am also a Virtual Assistant at Extra Pack of Peanuts, have an AirBnB property, am a professional bellydancer, teaching classes and dancing in restaurants when I’m home, and have my own business (complete with business partner) over at JourneyThroughEgypt.com where I help teach bellydancers the culture & history of Egyptian dance.

While I’ve got a home base in Florida, I’m constantly on the road and am terrible at updating my instagram. You’ll never know where I am at any given time, but I’m be happy to help no matter where that happens to be.

This lifestyle is everything I ever wanted, so helping other people achieve it is all I could hope to be doing!

Lily Ann Fouts

LI Adventure Scribe

I’ve been called many things over the years, from the name I was born with, to all the aliases I used while living a fugitive childhood in Mexico (where my lust for location independence took shape), to the names given to me at various phases in life: “Silly Lily” by my sister, “Miss Friend” by my elementary students, and “The Birdwoman” by friends who watched me breed and raise dozens of my little feathered friends. These days, I live full-time in a motorhome with my husband and our cat and can be found writing, traveling, trekking through the wilderness, or geeking out about travel hacking and online business and helping others travel more, connect with other cultures, and achieve their dreams.

I’m still silly, still friendly, and still love birds (and all animals), but as the Editor-in-Chief and education specialist at LI, I’m happy to be called the “Location Indie Adventure Scribe.” You can just call me Lily!

Kaycee Bowen

Assistant Community Ninja

Having spent way too long in cubicle hell, I broke free with the help of Location Indie, and I’m now a full-time Virtual Assistant and Assistant Community Manager here at LI. I have found purpose, passion, and freedom in virtual assistant work and have never been happier. I am also a lover of travel and have spent months traversing Europe by plane, train, boat, car, and foot. And now, helping others in their quest for freedom is my top priority, so let’s get started!

Johanna Voss

LI Organization Genius

I was destined to be location independent since birth. I have dual citizenship thanks to my mom who is from London. So I’ve got two passports and have been collecting passport stamps my entire life. I spent a year traveling the world and lived abroad in Spain three times.  During a time of living in Spain, I launched my first business and have been working for myself ever since. I embrace the Location Indie spirit in my day-to-day life and thoroughly enjoy helping others feel more free with their career, do more of what matters to them, and get out and see the world. Currently, I base myself in Denver for all my worldly adventures.

Michael Riedy

Community Happiness Engineer

I’ve taken many road trips around the USA (including a 5 month RV trip!), lived in Japan, traveled around Asia, spent time in Europe, and took a road trip in Africa. I escaped the grasp of Corporate America and materialism to find peace and happiness. I’ve followed in the footsteps of Jason in the event marketing world and I’ve been sent all over the USA.

At last count, the only states I haven’t been to are Alaska, Montana, and Wisconsin.  Road trip, anyone? When I’m not hangin’ with my dog Harry, playing Texas Hold ‘Em, snowboarding as the “Peaceman”, hiking, frolfing, or camping, I’m a virtual assistant at Zero To Travel and Location Indie. All this awesomeness has led to happiness, and that is what I hope to bring to you!

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