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What does “location independent” mean?  

It means you have the ability to work from anywhere (Home, Thailand, or Outer Space – if you can find internet there)

Do you offer Lifetime Memberships?  

At the moment, no, we only offer recurring monthly memberships so its affordable for everyone.

Can I join and quit after a month if I don’t like it?  

Technically yes, but it takes time to get to know people, including you! Location Indie is a friendly, tight-knit community and when people come and go it makes it hard to connect. Plus, if you are committed to building or growing your location independent lifestyle it takes more than a month and we want to see you reach all of your goals. We hope you don’t plan on leaving after a month because it won’t help you or the community.

What if I need to cancel my membership?  

We hate when companies make canceling so freakin’ hard. When you join you’ll get all of the information you need to manage your subscription which means you can go in and cancel anytime you wish or you can simply send an email to with the subject ‘Cancel’. That’s it! Your membership starts on the day you join. Once your current billing cycle expires you won’t be billed starting the following billing cycle.

I want to go to Italy/Japan/Australia/Antartica. Will you teach me how to get there for cheap?

Yep. One of the thing that sets our community apart from others is that we have some of the world’s foremost budget travel experts running it. That means you’ll learn all the secrets of how we travel around the world for much less than you can ever imagine.

I’m not ‘Location Independent’, can I join the community?  

We welcome all members who are actively working towards achieving Location Independence and want support from others on the same path.

I don’t have a business yet and have no ideas (or too many)? Can I join?  

Having your own business is NOT a requirement. For example, some members freelance or have remote work agreements with employers. That being said, many Location Indie’s do own businesses. Many also have ‘normal’ jobs and are working towards location independence and traveling in their spare time. It’s a great mix of amazing people!

Many members start without a clue about what to do. We have plenty of resources to help gain clarity on your business and travel goals and to go from zero to location independent.

Not only that, once you get started you can actually make money by being in the community. Many members hire each other to help on projects making Location Indie profitable for you.

I have a successful business and want to scale it and connect with other successful business owners…is this right for me?  

We have members running six and seven figure businesses. Many current business owners utilize the community to form higher level mastermind groups and find and hire new people they can trust for their team since we have a lot of talented freelancers offering various services from SEO to design, programming, coaching and more.

I don’t want to start my own business, but I want to work from anywhere. Is this the right place for me?

Absolutely. Location Indie is full of both entrepreneurs and people who work for others. The one thing that ties everyone together is their desire to have more freedom in where they want to work. Whether that means you want to run your own ecommerce store while trekking around the world or just want to work remotely more often, Location Indie is for you.

What will a Location Indie membership get me?  

It’s all listed out on our join page, but to recap, you’ll get: access to our private social network, live Q&A sessions each month with experts in both business and travel, monthly online hangouts with the members and founders of Location Indie, exclusive training, and the ability to attend our in person meetups around the globe.

Don’t forget, you’ll also have immediate access to a TON of resources including all of the past Members Only Webinars, Expert Q&A’s, actionable forum posts, and other exclusive content. Currently over 30+ hours of exclusive video and audio training.

Is this one of those courses that teaches me online business?  

This is a community not just an online course. Yes, you’ll get access to members only trainings and resources in a variety of formats- written, audio, and video along with our The Launchpad: Lifestyle Business Foundation Training – that will help you become location independent and travel the world. But instead of passively learning you’ll also be participating in a living, growing, and engaging community where you’ll be able to interact with people who are out there doing it and not just talking about it.

I know nothing about technology. How hard is it for me use this community?  

Well, seeing that it was built by two guys who may know less about technology than you, it’ll be very easy. And if you do have questions, we’ll have our tech gurus (the ones who taught us) on hand to help.

How often will membership be offered to Location Indie?  

Membership is offered on a limited basis. We are building this community slowly by choice. We want to get to know you and give you a chance to meet others in the community. This ensures that we can give you an incredible amount of attention.

What happens after I sign up?  

You’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need then have the opportunity to schedule a call with one of our community managers. We will have a chat and learn more about you in order to help you find the best resources in the community so you can get started right away.

Still have questions? If we missed something then please email us at and we’ll help you out.

Let’s keep in touch, whaddya’ say?

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