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Greatest Hits: It‘s Ok Not Being Ok With Being Ok

Where are you on the work/life satisfaction scale?  This is an exercise that we do within the Side Hustle Success Challenge and we want to do it too. Right now. What is your work/life satisfaction number from 1-10? During the last challenge this idea came up a lot, it...Listen Now

The Lifestyle Freedom Lens

How are you viewing your choices and decisions? Are you weighing them against your ultimate goals or are you making them based on that exact moment and emotions? Today we are talking about the LIfestyle Freedom lens and why you should be using it to make decisions...Listen Now

Intentional Relationships

How intentional are you with your relationships? Why is this so important? Today we are getting into the importance of being intentional with who you surround yourself with, who you get inspiration and motivation from, and why this matters to your own success. Your...Listen Now

7 Way To Make The Most Out Of Any Event You Attend

We have always had amazing experiences at conferences and the reason you are listening to this podcast came from us meeting at one. So with that in mind, we are bringing you 7 tips to help you make the most out of any event that you attend, Camp Indie included. Are...Listen Now

Greatest Hits: 3 Ways To Quit Your Job

Today is all about the 3 types of people who are trying to go location independent and we will narrow down the best way that we see to get you there. Here is some foreshadowing, the best way to go about it isn’t the way that we necessarily got to location...Listen Now

Greatest Hits: Letting Go

While Trav has never seen Frozen in its entirety he has seen hours of random parts of it, Jason went to see Frozen On Ice with his daughter so they are experts in everything about “let(ting) it go” 😛 Queue the music…sorry if it is now stuck in your...Listen Now

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