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Greatest Hits: Haters Gonna Hate!

How do you handle negative reviews? When you put yourself out there you will eventually get a bad review (or two or three) but how you take in the information will dictate the overall outcome. You can’t let it beat you down but can those reviews sometimes be...Listen Now

Saying Goodbye…

This is a hard one as change is oftentimes difficult. We are saying goodbye to one-half of the founding team at Location Indie and that is never easy. We are very excited about the new journey that he is going on and we get to watch him succeed in all the new ways...Listen Now

Greatest Hits: Are Your Habits Serving Your Dreams?

Do you struggle to make habits stick? What about, breaking habits? Have you had success in kicking some not-so-great habits to the curb? Trav & J are talking all about habits: building awareness of our habits, deciding which habits are serving you and which...Listen Now

LI Jobs: Making Money As A Community Manager

We heard (& loved) your requests and are going to be exploring some different location independent careers throughout this year. If you have a specific type of work you want us to speak about (or bring on an expert) then hit us up at But...Listen Now

Greatest Hits: Why We Spent $20k on Coaching

Today we are discussing why we spent 20k on coaching, how it can fast track your progress, and why coaching is such a positive investment in your future. You can get to the next level on your own or you can utilize the minds & experience of those who are already...Listen Now

Greatest Hits: 3 Ways To Quit Your Job

Today is all about the 3 types of people who are trying to go location independent and we will narrow down the best way that we see to get you there. Here is some foreshadowing, the best way to go about it isn’t the way that we necessarily got to location...Listen Now

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