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Why We Spent $20k on Coaching

Today we are discussing why we spent 20k on coaching, how it can fast track your progress, and why coaching is such a positive investment in your future.You can get to the next level on your own or you can utilize the minds & experience of those who are already...Listen Now

Are Sunk Costs Really Sunk?

Tune in today to learn about sunk costs and what they really mean to your business and the lifestyle you desire.  Don’t give up your whole life for something because you are afraid of “throwing it all away.”You can come out stronger, with ideas for a better plan...Listen Now

The Cost Of Inaction

Have you ever thought about the cost of inaction?  What might you be giving up if you don’t pursue your dream business or dream lifestyle?  Learn how the fear of being stuck can propel you towards making a decision and taking action.  You’ll never know...Listen Now

Six Reasons Why We Should Still Be Talking About Travel

And now for podcast #2 with a LIVE audience via our Zoom room!Is it okay to still be talking about travel? No one wants to be seen as insensitive, uncaring, or tone-deaf during these extremely tough times (for us all) so this is a question a lot of us in the travel...Listen Now

Hold Your Own Rally

Are part of your LI goals to create a space to bring like-minded people together? Do you want to hold your own rally?In today’s episode, we talk about why we started our podcasts, the amazing benefits to being around people who are doing amazing things, and why...Listen Now

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