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Speed Of Goals

How does the speed at which you want to accomplish your goals affect your decisions?  Building the triangle of freedom and the goals and decisions that need to be made are all directly influenced by how quickly you need to become fully location independent. Being...Listen Now


Do you allow time for recovery from big events or big trips? Are you building in buffers to allow you to come back more refreshed instead of just pushing yourself to get back to work immediately? Today we are talking all about buffers and why we need to be allowing...Listen Now

Closing Time

What does time freedom mean to you? Why is it so valuable for you? We are taking a hard look at time freedom and what that looks and feels like to us. We talk about the pitfalls of entrepreneurs’ guilt, how to decide what needs to get done first, and the simple...Listen Now

Lessons From Going Dark

Today is about time freedom or, more so, the lessons we learned from going dark (aka not working) over the holidays.  What is the time you are going to take off? How does it make you feel when you disconnect fully?  Please email us at and let us...Listen Now

The #1 Way to Avoid Rabbit Holes

Do you let “research” stop you from moving forward? Do you allow falling down rabbit holes to be an excuse for not actually taking steps toward your future?Today is all about rabbit holes, breaking down the myths that surround them and we will be giving...Listen Now

Deviled Eggs and Side Hustles

Is the thought of finding your passion overwhelming you? Has it stopped you from moving forward in starting your side hustle?After reading a great article called “Not Every Hobby Is A Side Hustle” by Ann Friedman we are diving into the idea of whether...Listen Now

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