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5 Biggest Myths of Starting a Side Hustle

There are a ton of myths surrounding the idea and application of side hustles and today we are tearing into 5 of the biggest ones. Which ones resonated with you the most?In This Episode:03:20 7-Day Side Hustle Success Challenge05:50 Myth One10:55 Myth Two14:05 Myth...Listen Now

8 Ridiculous Side Hustle Ideas…And the Lessons Learned

Today we are discussing our most ridiculous, crazy & funny side hustle ideas and the lessons that we learned from each one of them.What has been your most ridiculous side hustle idea? Did you actually go after the idea? What was the outcome if you did? In This...Listen Now

The Power of Story For Your Business

Today we are discussing the power of story for your business, how being authentic and transparent can lead you to more customers, and why your story can help you build the Know, Like, Trust factor which is imperative in being successful.Have you taken the time to...Listen Now

Lifestyle Business or Business Lifestyle?

How much is business a part of your lifestyle? Today we are breaking down lifestyle business vs business lifestyle and what that actually means. Once you start your business your eyes get opened to all things business-related so that you can improve your business,...Listen Now

Why We Spent $20k on Coaching

Today we are discussing why we spent 20k on coaching, how it can fast track your progress, and why coaching is such a positive investment in your future.You can get to the next level on your own or you can utilize the minds & experience of those who are already...Listen Now

Are Sunk Costs Really Sunk?

Tune in today to learn about sunk costs and what they really mean to your business and the lifestyle you desire.  Don’t give up your whole life for something because you are afraid of “throwing it all away.”You can come out stronger, with ideas for a better plan...Listen Now

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