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Imagine the freedom and clarity that comes with taking complex concepts and distilling them down into easily digestible chunks.

That’s the magic we’re tapping into today as we uncover the power of a one-page business plan.

The one-page business plan is designed to cut through the haze of information overload, providing a crisp, clear perspective of your business landscape.

It steps away from the dense web of traditional business plans, trading in verbose descriptions for actionable insights.

It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes less is more, and in this case, a single page can hold the power to transform your business vision into reality.

business plan

A simple one page business plan makes it easier to take action. Less is more!


The One Page Business Plan as a Map

Think of a one-page business plan as a simplified roadmap guiding you on your business journey.

It’s like a road trip.

You’ve got your snacks, your kickass playlist, but darn it, you’re missing the map.

This one-page plan is your roadmap, helping you transition from the ordinary highway to the scenic route of your dreams.

Guess what?

It’s not about creating the most intricate, complicated blueprint; instead, it’s about finding your own perfect average day.

Think of it like that ‘open road’ feeling — where do you want it to take you?

That’s your perfect average day, your North Star guiding you through this wild adventure.

We dive into the perfect average day exercise in another post, but for now, just know that you need to envision what your ideal everyday life should look like so you can align your business idea toward that.

Road and clouds

The open road is before you. Do you need a map?


Create a One-Page Business Plan that Prioritizes Lifestyle

Now that you’ve envisioned your destination, it’s time to plan your journey, i.e., write a business plan.

Its purpose is to help you navigate your road to success by answering five fundamental questions: Who, What, Where, Why, and How.

Sounds like a riddle, doesn’t it?

But once you’ve unraveled these, you’re well on your way.

Before you floor the accelerator, there’s something you need to remember — don’t jump straight to the ‘how’!

I know it’s tempting to think about the flashy product or service you want to launch.

But, like figuring out if you’re a country road or a freeway kinda person, you need to know who and what first — who you want to serve and what problem you’re solving.

And here’s where the real secret of the open road lies — the lifestyle-first business.

Why swap the drudgery of the cubicle for a business that doesn’t let you follow your dream?

Always remember, build a business that puts your desired lifestyle first.

Prioritize your dream lifestyle while developing your business model.

Navigation screen

A business plan serves as your navigation. But be sure to consider your lifestyle as you map out your journey.


The One-Page Business Plan Template

And now, the pièce de résistance — the one-page business plan.

It’s the compass, roadmap, and GPS rolled into one simple, neat page.

Because let’s face it, “when you confuse, you lose.”

Forget the 27-page detailed business plan with the executive summary covering every aspect of your business, financial projections, competitive advantage analyses, profit and loss estimations, complicated business concepts and plans for future business partners.

That’s a plan that’s destined to never be completed.

You’re not a startup seeking millions of dollars in venture capital.

You’re not a small business owner approaching banks for business loans.

So “F” perfection and the traditional business plan.

If the plan makes you feel like you’re stuck in a roundabout, it’s time to condense it.

Put it on a single page.

This one pager is a much better business strategy.

It’s an action plan you can understand.

This nifty one page plan covers all the essentials: Who do you serve? What problems do you solve? Where are they? Why would they choose you? Finally, how will you serve them?

And to top it off, there’s this gem — SAM.

It isn’t the good-looking hitchhiker.

SAM stands for Sales and Marketing — the key to ensuring your journey isn’t a solo trip.

map and compass

A one page business plan can serve as your map, compass and gps — all rolled into one!


Here’s the simple business plan format:

1. Who do you serve? Begin by identifying your target market. Who are they? What are their characteristics, needs, and wants?

2. What problems do you solve? Next, identify the problem your business is solving. Make sure it’s a problem your target customers are experiencing and willing to pay for a solution.

3. Where are they? Knowing where your potential customers hang out, either online or offline, will help you reach them effectively.

4. Why would they choose you? Define your unique value proposition. What sets you apart from your competition? Why should customers choose your product or service?

5. How will you serve them? This is all about the ‘how.’ Detail your solution to the problem you identified earlier. Explain how your product or service will provide value to your target customers.

6. Sales And Marketing (SAM): Finally, consider how you will attract and retain your customers. Sketch out a basic sales and marketing plan that aligns with your target customers and your offering.

Now you have a simple business plan–an entire business on a one-page template.

It’s an overview of your business that will guide you on your journey to lifestyle freedom.

problem and solution signs

One of the things to include in your one page business plan is what problem you are going to solve for your customers.


Conclusion: Create A One-Page Business Plan

So there you have it, a one-page plan — your ticket to grow your business and achieve more freedom, adventure, and dreamy landscapes.

It’s the sure-fire way to navigate your business journey without getting lost in the process.

But remember, you aren’t alone on this journey.

Our Location Indie community is here to ride shotgun, guiding you, celebrating your wins, and helping you when the road gets a bit bumpy.

So, are you ready to join us and hit the road?

Take that first step, embrace the Triangle of Freedom, and let’s explore the open road of location independence together.

Join the Location Indie community today and write your one page business plan with the support of others on the path to freedom.

Road along the coast

It is a beautiful journey that you are creating for yourself.

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