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There is a lot of discussion about morning routines with some living by theirs and others hating the restrictive qualities of them but is there a middle ground?

Building routines in your life can be a massive help in becoming a more effective person in both your business and personal life but does structure/routine mean there is no wiggle room for fun?

Today we are diving into whether a morning routine is BS or effective. While structure is important, it doesn’t mean that you have to live the same day over and over and call it a life. Trav talks about a specific rule he uses in life to allow for both routine and spontaneity to live in harmony while still achieving his goals and crushing his workload. Jason is all about habits and creating awareness around what you do and don’t do and how that affects your overall day.

So are you on team morning routines are BS or do you see the effectiveness of them? Take a listen to see what side wins!

How do you feel about your morning routine? Will you be making any changes based on this conversation? Let us know over on Instagram @LocationIndie.

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