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Do you allow time for recovery from big events or big trips? Are you building in buffers to allow you to come back more refreshed instead of just pushing yourself to get back to work immediately?

Today we are talking all about buffers and why we need to be allowing time to readjust or recover from travel or big life events. Entrepreneur’s guilt is a real thing and buffers allow you to set yourself and your business up for success by having you be more intentional with your tasks, realistic with your energy & time, and productive with your big rocks.

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In This Episode:

  • 04:30 Having Buffers Around Your Big Rocks
  • 07:20 Overestimating What We Get Done In A Day
  • 09:15 Entrepreneur’s Guilt: Unrealistic Expectations
  • 12:20 Intentional With The Tasks During A Buffer 
  • 16:50 The Learning Curve
  • 18:05 Buffers Are Truly Effective When…

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