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This is a great question that can be a great debate starter so let’s start a debate. Trav & Jason have two very different viewpoints on whether being passionate about something actually matters when it comes to long-term business and life decisions. Does passion propel you forward or can it stop you in your tracks? Can being passionate about a topic lead to making different decisions in all aspects of life or does the idea of having or not having “passion” weigh you down. Does the difference lie in the definitions of passion & inspiration? 

This is where the debate begins so listen to see which side wins out or maybe they are both correct, you decide! Who’s side do you land on or are you riding the fence? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!


In This Episode

  • 01:55 Trav’s Take
  • 06:45 Jason’s Take
  • 09:15 Debate Begins
  • 25:00 Are They Both Right?

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