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While Trav has never seen Frozen in its entirety he has seen hours of random parts of it, Jason went to see Frozen On Ice with his daughter so they are experts in everything about “let(ting) it go” 😛 Queue the music…sorry if it is now stuck in your head.

Today’s episode is all about letting go of things you may enjoy or give you value, the difficulties behind it, why it is important, and how it can help you move forward towards your goals. A lot of times it is way harder to let something go than it is to create something new so let’s dive into why that is and the importance behind it all.

Are you filling your plate up with too many to-do’s? When was the last time you asked yourself ‘What can I let go of?’ so that you are able to comfortably move forward into the life you are wanting?

In This Episode

  • 01:45 Lyrical Misheard
  • 04:35 Letting Go
  • 10:15 Feeling The Pressure
  • 17:40 Questions To Ask Yourself
  • 20:45 Gut Check Yourself & Minimalism

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