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Have you ever had a chance meeting that forever changed your life? What would Jason & Trav’s lives look like if they hadn’t met at a conference years ago? Having a community AND meeting like-minded people in real life is exceptionally important and can have a ripple effect that could alter the course of your life in magical ways you never imagined.

This is exactly why Jason & Trav have decided to put on the world’s most fun conference where you will learn and make the connections you need to build or grow your location independent business and travel lifestyle all the while having a blast at an adult summer camp. Welcome everyone to Camp Indie!! NEW CAMP DATES OF SEPT 17-19, 2021 

Camp Indie guarantees to have these three things: Learning, Fun, & Connections plus this event is all-inclusive.

This conference is for everyone and you do not have to be a Location Indie Member to attend!

In This Episode

  • 01:20 Tasting Menu
  • 05:25 The Importance Of Meeting IRL
  • 10:00 How Travis & Jason Met
  • 15:30 Welcome To Camp Indie!


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