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How is your current lifestyle design working for you? Is it time to tweak it to better fit the future you are working towards?

Today we are putting ourselves out there (Jason on this episode & Trav will be next episode) and taking a look at our lifestyle design for the last 2 years and how we will need to redesign it for our future goals. 

Lifestyle design has never been a set it and forget type thing and, in fact, is ever-evolving just like we are as people. Life throws curveballs every chance it gets and so having the ability to adapt and redesign what your needs and wants are is what we love most about what we have built for ourselves and for you.

Did you do Trav’s exercise and if so, what was your biggest takeaway from it? Let us know by tagging us in a post on Instagram at @LocationIndie


In This Episode:

  • 01:20 What is Lifestyle Design?
  • 05:30 Current Lifestyle Design: Changes In Jason’s Life Over The Last Two Years
  • 20:00 Jason’s Lifestyle Redesign For The Next Two Years
  • 27:10 The Nomad Experiment
  • 30:25 What’s Coming In The Next Episode

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