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Greatest Hits: Letting Go

While Trav has never seen Frozen in its entirety he has seen hours of random parts of it, Jason went to see Frozen On Ice with his daughter so they are experts in everything about “let(ting) it go” 😛 Queue the music…sorry if it is now stuck in your...Listen Now

Greatest Hits: Does “Passion” Matter?

This is a great question that can be a great debate starter so let’s start a debate. Trav & Jason have two very different viewpoints on whether being passionate about something actually matters when it comes to long-term business and life decisions. Does...Listen Now

Greatest Hits: The Ripple Effect

Have you ever had a chance meeting that forever changed your life? What would Jason & Trav’s lives look like if they hadn’t met at a conference years ago? Having a community AND meeting like-minded people in real life is exceptionally important and can...Listen Now

Greatest Hits: 5 Biggest Myths of Starting a Side Hustle

There are a ton of myths surrounding the idea and application of side hustles and today we are tearing into 5 of the biggest ones. Which ones resonated with you the most? In This Episode: 03:20 7-Day Side Hustle Success Challenge 05:50 Myth One 10:55 Myth Two 14:05...Listen Now

Through Fresh Eyes

Are you stuck in a rut, doing things the same way year after year? We all go on autopilot at times in life because it takes less brain space and is all-around “easier” but when we start to take a step back and look at things through fresh eyes we can...Listen Now

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