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Do you overcomplicate things to the point of stagnation? Do you get bogged down by the plethora of ideas and action steps you want to take?

It is time that you STOP overcomplicating everything and keep it more streamlined and simple. You are probably asking, “Well, that sounds great but how do I do that?”, well this episode will cover some insights that we have learned from our years in business and some gems from our business coach, Stan the Man.

Do you have a framework that you use to make your business & life more simple? Let us know by tagging us in a post on Instagram at @Locationindie.


In This Episode:

  • 02:30 The Kitchen Analogy: Flumixing The Fung Shui
  • 06:30 The Lesson For Today: K.I.S.S It
  • 10:10 Simplicity Works Best & Frameworks Work
  • 13:50 Side Hustle Success Challenge & Using It as a Building Block For Your Foundation
  • 19:15 Having The Right Steps To Make Building A Business Easier

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