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How are you viewing your choices and decisions? Are you weighing them against your ultimate goals or are you making them based on that exact moment and emotions?

Today we are talking about the LIfestyle Freedom lens and why you should be using it to make decisions whether they be financial or time or location-based. This will help you filter out all the bull so that you will be able to reach your triangle of freedom faster, more prepared, and with a better grasp.

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In This Episode:

  • 01:40 Theme For Camp Indie Is…
  • 05:10 Why A Lens &/or Theme Matters?
  • 08:45 More Time Freedom, More Location Freedom, & More Financial Freedom
  • 11:40 The Triangle Is Not Perfect Forever…It Changes & So Can You
  • 15:25 Get The Focus Through The Intention
  • 17:40 Remote Jobs Are More Available
  • 18:05 The New World Post COVID & How It Accelerated Lifestyle Freedoms
  • 20:40 Check Out

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