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Do you know exactly what your dream average day would look like? Have you ever taken the time to sit down and write it out in detail?

Our coach, Stan The Man, gave us this exercise and since we have done it (& taught it) in the past, we thought this would be easy…it wasn’t, and here is why.

  • It had to be handwritten
  • In narrative form from the moment you awake to the moment you fall asleep
  • Highly detailed & specific
  • Must be focused on the experience of the day (what are you seeing) and how it feels (emotions)
  • If someone else were to read it, they had to be able to picture it in their heads like a movie

We gained massive insights from this exercise that will affect all of our future decisions in business and life and we know it can do the same for you hence this podcast episode. 

Did you do the exercise? What is your biggest takeaway from doing it? Let us know by tagging us in a post on Instagram at @LocationIndie or send us an email (or voice message) to


In This Episode:

  • 03:25 Your Perfect Average Day Exercise
  • 07:00 Jason’s Take On It
  • 11:35 How Trav Completed It & How It Affected Him Wholly
  • 16:00 Jason’s Aha’s & Experience With This Exercise
  • 27:45 The Crazy Pieces Of The Day Puzzle
  • 29:00 Don’t Get Overwhelmed: It’s About The Feelings (& Fun) You Have
  • 35:35 Giving Yourself Space To Think About It & Therefore Take Actions Towards It
  • 38:00 Do This Exercise & Send Us A Voice Message About How It Went 

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