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Location Indie Podcast

Top 10 Life Skills

Today’s episode is all about life skills and J & Trav give you their top 10.   Important Links Location Indie FREE Lifestyle Freedom GuideListen Now

Are Your Habits Serving Your Dreams?

Do you struggle to make habits stick? What about, breaking habits? Have you had success in kicking some not-so-great habits to the curb? Trav & J are talking all about habits: building awareness of our habits, deciding which habits are serving you and which...Listen Now

How To Create Goals That Don’t Set You Up For Failure

New Year, New Lifestyle! Do you use the holidays to reflect on your past year and set your goals for the coming year? Are you even a believer in setting new year’s goals in the first place? Trav & J are talking all about goals: how to create goals in a way...Listen Now

Greatest HIts: Fear of Success

Do you fear failure or success, or maybe both? Maybe you feel stuck or unworthy…. tune in today as Jason and Trav touch on the fear of success. You’ll get 3 actionable items to help you create an awareness of these fears and learn how to conquer them. Important Links...Listen Now

Greatest Hits: Speed Of Goals

How does the speed at which you want to accomplish your goals affect your decisions?  Building the triangle of freedom and the goals and decisions that need to be made are all directly influenced by how quickly you need to become fully location independent. Being...Listen Now

7 Random Questions with J and Trav

Today is a bit of a more random show because we are answering 7 questions that we have seen in our Location Indie community. We are responding to these with gut reactions and then more thought-out answers so this one should be interesting, to say the least. We will...Listen Now

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