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Do you say yes to everything that comes your way? What have been the repercussions or successes of doing so?

We are talking about the Triangle of Freedom but more specifically time freedom. Today is all about the idea that saying no allows you to say yes and we dive into exactly what we mean by this, how to best use it in your everyday life, and what it can do for your time freedom.

What is your biggest hurdle in gaining your time freedom? Please email us at and let us know!


In This Episode:

  • 03:30 Creating The Lifestyle You Want
  • 05:30 They Are Not Mutually Exclusive
  • 06:30 The Biggest Struggle With Time Freedom
  • 12:25 Saying No To Say Yes
  • 14:20 Knowing What Your Priorities Are
  • 15:20 Your Greatest Asset
  • 17:25 The Most important Lesson
  • 20:55 The Rule of Thumb



“You want to make sure you are saying no to the things that aren’t as important so that you can say yes when an opportunity comes up that is important or that is something that you want to take advantage of.” [12:33]

“Taking things away is actually sometimes the solution.” [13:32]

“As humans, I think most of us are conditioned to always want to say yes and put ourselves second.” [15:05]

“If you think about your time as your greatest asset (which it is) then you protect that like crazy. [15:53]

“If people take just one thing away from everything they have ever listened to on this podcast, I think the most important thing you can try to do and the most important lesson I can ever impart is the more proactive you are the better your life is going to be. [17:25]

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